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Came here Friday night for dinner. I have been here before and played golf and it's a great course. The club building is very impressive for a golf club, with wonderful decks and terraces looking out on to the course. I had a burger that time and it was very good.
This time I had dinner in the bar, rather than the restaurant, which was extremely quiet. The bar was full and buzzy, with a good atmosphere. I started with the tuna tacos which were very filling and tasty. I then had the beef fillet which was a bit overdone and disappointing. After that I did not feel inclined to try any pudding. Will I come again? Definitely. Based on my previous experience, and the exclamations of other diners, maybe I was just unlucky this time.

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Well I was only here for a cocktail party as a client for a Boston tax firm. So I can rate how awesome the open bar was, the food, and the facility. Sadly, I didn't run outside for a match of tennis, but I think the guys here could tell I didn't belong.

So there was an open bar and the bartender hated us. You could just tell he couldn't wait for us to leave. There was a lot of huffing and puffing going on and words under his breath. He was in an area filled with tax people and accountants, he probably got stiffed on tips, I don't know.

The food was pretty delicious. They had mini-burgers and other fun bite-sized food, but the cookie tray is what had me at hello.

Enter: the cookie tray. One try for each table, with oatmeal cookies, chocolate cookies, macadamia nut cookies... but.. wait for it.... chocolate covered strawberries as a garnish for the plate.

In conclusion, I ate 3 cookies and two chocolate covered strawberries and I'm not even sorry about it!

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