Debary Golf & Country Club

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Very nice track.  Greens have been a plus this year, fairways are plush, some very open fairways helps your score.  Really nice bar.

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I was on vacation with my girlfriend, meeting her parents for the first time. I had a free day so I decided to play a round of golf. I didn't pack any golf clothes because I didn't think I'd be able to squeeze in a round. So after calling in and talking to the guy at the pro shop he said they were a collared shirt only course. I bought spikes, khakis and a polo so that I could play, only to get there and be told they were closed due to the weather! The guy was nice enough to give me a rain check round. So at that point I scheduled a tee time for their only available spot, 9:27 am. On my way there I realized the rain check was only good after 10 am. I called and asked if I'd be able to use it given the circumstance and they said absolutely not! So bottom line they wasted my time twice, and cost me the price of an entire golf outfit that I wasn't even able to use. And got my hopes up twice, only to be disappointed!

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This course is well maintained and in great condition for the dead of summer. With so many courses in the area under repair, and in bad shape, this course should be on your list. $30 for a round on golfnow app. Play this course, you won't regret it. They also have a score card just for young golfers with adjusted tee areas.

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This is a lovely golf course in really good condition, lush  green grass tees and fairways and greens that you can chip onto and have the ball stick.

The Clubhouse has good food--salads, sandwiches, burgers and a specials menu with soup for the day. Nice comfortable chairs, plenty of tables and several televisions showing pre-play from the Master's Tournament.

My husband and I played with a group and the starter was well prepared to handle us all. We received a token for a free bucket of balls--a small bucket that was good to get us warmed up. The driving range has your choice of mat or green area, with stands. The practice green was large and gave a good feel of course conditions.

This golf course has plumbed toilets midway between both nines and at several places on the clubhouse for easy access at the turn.

All the golf carts were in good working condition, with a bag drop.

The staff at the Pro shop were friendly and helpful. Golf supplies were available for purchase including a few cute golf skorts.

The Clubhouse will hold weddings (one was in progress on the day we played.

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Used Golfnow and paid 17 dollars.  Great value. Went back in to get range balls, and 2some in front upset cashier and received free bucket.  The guy charged me for bucket, and didn't answer when I ask to receive same deal.  Not friendly.  Starter was not at his golf cart.  When I signed in, he stated my name wasn't on his list.  I showed my slip and he said said "Hurry up and go with a 2 some that just left!"  He continued that I should of check in sooner.  I informed him I would of if he was at his cart.  That left him speechless.  Members in spoked to where very friendly and helpful.  They said it was a bad day for both.  But agreed that was unacceptable.  Played back nine first and played in 1 hr and 5 minutes.  Went to one and there were 3 groups on hole...slow play is a problem.  No ranger to push. Waited to what seem like forever, then went back to 10th hole and played back again.  Played in 1 hr. 10 min.  Great value for money but would join or pay 45 bucks they want normally.

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