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I just played the course on May 18. I have been a supporter and advocate of the place since I moved here three years ago. The course was in excellent shape, the grill staff was attentive and the breakfast was good. Now it gets worse.

A tournament was held in the morning on the Traditions course. My foursome was first off with the entire golf course open ahead of us at 1:20pm. We had a Marshal who rode our ass from the first tee to the end of the round. We finished in 3:55 minutes. We have two golfers who shoot low 90s, one mid 80s and one low 70s. Behind us was a threesome; there is no way that similarly playing foursomes can stay ahead of similarly playing threesomes. We offered to let the threesome play through; the marshal would have none of it. It is disturbing/aggravating to have a marshal parked 50 yards behind you when taking your shots. I play with this foursome every weekend. We average 4:15 per 18 holes unless WE are held up. No doubt we could have finished in 4:15 on this day without being cattle prodded along the course.

I appreciate any golf course that trys to speed up play, but we pickup when we have a score of 7; we do not spend an inordinate time looking for lost balls, we do not write our score down until we move away from the green - all in all, we try to do the right thing. We were afraid to stop the cart girl because it took too long to get served! (90 degrees and humid) Our round was not enjoyable. The courses I play should actually use a starter and not let two-somes, three-somes, or singles play on Saturday or Sunday until after 4pm. Tell them to play together. I am so tired of two-somes standing out in the fairway leaning on their clubs when our foursome is racing to get trought the hole. Not going back to Traditions again.

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Very nice course and facilities to go with it. Pay the extra $ for the Traditions course.

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Caddied for a local Golf Pro for Shell Houston Qualifier this past Thursday March 22nd. Got a good inside the rings experience at what PGA caliber players can do.

Short Version: Fast greens, amazing layout, decent food and a fair price.

Black: 7220
Blue: 6638
White: 6162
Silver: 5441
Copper: 4785

The course(Traditions, I believe there are 2 18's here) is setup long for the qualifier, 7700+ yards, and windy. The conditions are awesome even with it rained heavily just 2 days before. The greens were fast, and preferential lies was in play. The event was well  organized and almost all the young up and coming local pros were in attendance.

Loved the course design, but what you may want to know is the observations about PGA pros.

1. They can really move the ball, way above the league of casual or even low handicap amateurs.
2. Amazing short games, they can prob play better than most blind folded.
3. Some of them have tempers worse than Happy Gilmor.
4. They play Par5's like a long par 4. Strategy- Bomb twice and putt.
5. The staff bags are heavy.
6. Any PGA sanctioned events players cannot wear shorts.

Needless to say, now I realized am way out of shape with my legs nearly giving out towards the end. Learned something new, I am not gonna ever play at a course without golf carts.

Edited: Went back multiple times, food is consistent.

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Cypresswood Golf Club courses and facility in decline. Fairways were dried up and cracking from lack of water. Lots of areas had no grass or dead grass. Tee boxes were very uneven. No bathrooms on the golf courses. Clubhouse was very outdated. Aeration holes on putting greens very slow to heal. Greens were slow and bumpy. Staff was not very friendly.

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Amazing course, one of the best I've ever played. Very well maintained, trees surrounding every hole, and best of all, no houses! Maintenance and Value would be 5 stars, but the greens were absolutely atrocious. They said that the Rye was fighting with the Bermuda which somehow lead to no grass in parts... other than the greens, which i know they will fix, very good course, would recommend any day.

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