Crestmont Country Club

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Management is very unprofessional, very rude and far from friendly. Wouldn't the management of a high end country club like to smile  a bit and make you feel welcome?  Might I add the bartenders make their drinks very weak, when you ask for a little more your given attitude and charged double for a drop more. I watched with my own eyes a woman sent her wine back because she disliked it. The bartender proceeded to poor the glass that was sent back, back into the bottle. That's just wrong and highly unsanitary! Speaking of unsanitary on a different occasion I seemed to find a small maggot in my food if i recall it was from the large smoked salmon on the buffet. That was the last straw! So much for joining the club that my fellow companions were talking me into. I will no longer come as a guest to eat, i'll stick to the golf course. Now my friends that are current members their are looking into joining a different club that i'm joining. They are also disgusted with the dining at this country club. It needs new management and head chef to really turn this club around. Unless the health department gets to them first.

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I found the food to be excellent by any banquet standards. Service was very good and all was terrific. Would not hesitate to attend a function at CCC again in the future.

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Attended a bar mitzvah for a friends son here.  The place looked great.  (The decor was rented for party).  This was the most unorganized event I've been to.  My family had a great time with friends but the place itself was truly lacking in professionalism.   After cocktail hour, the manager was rude and pushy toward our table rushing us into the main room.  He was visibly yelling at other employees to move people into the other room.  The dinner was served and plated at our table which was very strange and we weren't given the option of what we wanted.  We got a cheap cut of steak that was over cooked and cold.  This was served with some sort of mushy fish, undercooked asparagus and French fries.  Dinner wasn't served until 11pm and his bar mitzvah ended at 12.  I would not recommend Crestmont, there are much better venues that are professional and know how to run an event.

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