Crest Hollow Country Club

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I recently got married here and had a really great experience. I will say the food isn't great but the dessert (the tartufo) was delicious and the service and presentation is excellent. All of my guests had an amazing time and were raving how wonderful and beautiful the venue was.
I had Helen as my banquet manager and she was excellent. I also dealt with Thomas who also was great. My maitre d was Declan and I highly highly recommend asking for him because he went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect and was so attentive. My bridal attendant was Diana and she was also amazing and super attentive. Anytime I needed a thing she or Declan were there.
The chapel room looked much more elegant and decorated than I expected it would and the cocktail and reception rooms were perfect as well. I had reception in the emerald room which I loved. They even closed the blinds to make it seem like nighttime inside which I was thrilled about. They went above and beyond with my cake and all in all the service, and the staff exceeded my expectations in every way. I highly recommend having any event - from a wedding to a bar mitzvah or a charity event- here because you are guaranteed to be treated very well. Even though they have multiple events going on a once, I always felt like my wedding was the only thing happening there.

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been here many times for weddings etc.  really nice for a catering hall.  no catering hall these days has service worth a sh!p, so this place shouldn't  be deducted stars because of it.

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Beautiful! came here for a wedding and the place is absolutely beautiful and the staff is beyond helpful and kind.

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My friend had her wedding there last week, she went there several times before her wedding. The first problem they gave her was that you must use their florist. You can't get other flower shop that doesn't work with crest hollow. The second problem was you can't bring outside food which other venues allowed. The third one was if you tell them 100 people then all that 100 people would be charged for adults meal and no discount for kids meal. They served the kids with chicken nuggets but they charged you the adult price. The person helped my friend is Leo and Mitch or sound like that. They are not the people that you would want to deal with for your big day. Don't go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not worth of your money and time. The food is bad and service suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3.5 stars.

The grounds and club are absolutely gorgeous. No wonder it's such a popular wedding venue. We were here for a friend's wedding on SUNDAY NIGHT and there were at least 2 other weddings taking place. Who knew that Sunday would be so busy?

I really like how the club looks more like a classy hotel than a banquet hall. Lots of marble, wood accents, beautifully manicured gardens, etc.  I've been to a number of banquet halls in Long Island and Jersey and you know what I'm talking about - fake Greek statues, randomly placed fountains, fake gold gilded walls, ridiculous mirrored panels - basically, anything that can be considered tacky and overdone, they have it.

The ceremony took place outdoors, which was rather unfortunate due to a major drop in temperature that night. The garden was lovely though. The rooms used for the cocktail hour and reception were spacious and very tastefully decorated.

Food was really great for a wedding. Aside from the cocktail hour, for which the couple must have paid big bucks (Seriously, lobster? Raw oysters and clams? Lamb and turkey? Hot and cold hors d'oeuvers? Pasta?), we also were given no less than SIX entrees to choose from for our dinner. Hot damn. The only thing is, why did the food take so long?? I don't know where the delay stemmed from, so it may not be the club's fault. But serving dinner at 10:30 pm on Sunday is a tough sell. I mean, people were leaving by then!

A couple bonus complaints. Why is it so EFFING COLD in here? If the outside temperature is barely making mid-60s, the A/C should NOT be blasting! Also, why is there no sidewalk from the street entrance of the grounds/parking to the building? I guess people don't walk from the street to the club?

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