Creekside Golf Course

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Crappiest place to play golf ever that I have seen.  Its a very short par 3, but that isn't the bad side.  Overhead there is electrical wires running and the buzzing sound from it is loud and annoying after the 2nd hole.  Even worse, the tower that holes up those wires in in the actualy short lil golf course.  Even worser.  When you get to your car, there are a bunch of flies around it and you gotta run and shoo them all away so you can open your door and get in without them getting in.  And worsest!  There are a bunch of cows across the street and you can smell their crap when you are at the 2 holes next to the street.  I guess that's where all the flies come from.
Even for like 4 buck a round, I am never going back.

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