Creekside Golf Club

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This review..... will be interesting.  I don't know if this will get many reads due to this being at a private golf course.  But here we go.

The food here is good.  What we like about it is the warm soups on a cold day while passing by on our way to the 10th hole.  Taco soup Tuesday is what we love.  

The daily specials are also good.  

Seating in the bar is nice with the norm of TV's playing sports.  Seating outside during the summer is great also, if you can get past the bee's swarming and dive bombing you.  Once the bee's leave it's a nice view of a few holes and the practice green.  

Will go back because it is good food.  They have a full bar with great wait staff.

As for the Golf.  This would get a 5 star.  I have played all of the courses in the Salem area and would have to say this is the best course around.  I have yet to play it in the winter time to test for drainage of the fairways, but they say it is a lot better than it used to be.  The greens are fast and and well cared for.  Tee time spacing is good, this means that they don't stack the tee times, and you won't be running into other players as much as some other local corses.

More to come as I play more golf here.

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