Cranberry Highlands Golf Course

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Played in an outing recently and loved this course.  It's pretty short, so if you are a good player, tee it up from the back tees.  It's fairly open but if someone is spraying it all over, they will be in trouble as there is a lot of fescue.  

Fairways and greens are in great shape, Par 3s are all memorable and fun.  Well bunkered, only a little water.  

I think for an average golfer, it would be fun because it's not that long, though anyone above a 10 handicap may want to bring extra golf balls.

Didn't try the range, but a nice putting green, pro shop, restaurant.  Staff is very friendly.  Very much worth playing!

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One of the nicest public courses in the Pittsburgh area. Incredibly well maintained. It's hilly, but that's what you get when you play in Western PA. There's a good discount if you're a Cranberry resident.

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We had a great time at this golf course!!  The course is shorter than most, but the rough is really long.  I would recommend bringing an extra 3 pack of balls here because sometimes the rough is so bad you just can't find your ball even if you swear you know exactly where it bounced off of the fairway.  This course is fun and I'll definatley come again.  The clubhouse hot dogs are better than most other clubhouses.  

For the $ you spend this course is a great deal.

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Well kept tees, fairways, clubhouse. Greens better than average. For a normal feel of a course, I recommend playing the back tees for all 4's and 5's and blues for the 3's. Most of the clubhouse guys and starters are a little stiff...One guy told me to be prepared to shoot a 100 if I shot from the back tees. I shot an 83. I also wanted some ice to keep my bottled water cold. They said I couldn't have any. I offered to pay $2 for the bag of ice. They still said no. Don't get it. $50 during peak times for residents is still a bit high.

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More than any other public/municipal course, if you keep the ball in the fairway you can score well. The reason is that the rough is just that, rough. It's too high for a course like this and it is difficult to find your ball even if you're just 5 feet from the fairway (which really slows down play). The fescue around the sandtraps is unfair in my opinion. If you hit a ball between the green and the bunker (not a horrible shot) and it end up in the fescue you either can't find the ball or you must take an unplayable lie. I don't think that's fair. And for $66 for a weekend round, it's no bargain. But after all that criticism, I look forward to playing this well laid out course. If I can only stay out of the rough and the fescue!

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