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Fine executive golf course.  Also good food and service in the restaurant.  But, dear Manager, please update your beer menu.  The menu says on tap beer is $5.00, but you charge $5.75 because as the nice lady said, the price went up but the menu had not been changed.  It is the little things you need to get right.

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Country Meadows has a beautiful golf course but also a fantastic and affordable restaurant!  I have been going here for many years and I have to say that the food here beats all the other chain restaurants in Richmond by a long shot! (Earls, Cactus club, Moxies, etc)

Whenever I want to stay in Richmond and feel like American (Canadian...? haha) food like fully loaded nachos, yam fries, wings, potato skins, pasta, fish, etc, I usually come to Country Meadows for a quick meal!  The prices here are very affordable (appies on avg $6-8, entrees on avg $14-18) and prepared very well with mostly local fresh ingredients picked from their very own farms!

My favourite dish here is the seafood linguine, which is packed full of salmon, halibut, prawns, scallops and various grilled vegetables.  It's also covered with delicious gooey cheese and topped off with a piece of garlic bread as well!  Their potato skins are seriously amazing and I love their seafood chowder.

The staff here are very friendly but occasionally they may be a bit understaffed so service may sometimes get slow.  The restaurant is very quaint and welcoming so you'll find a lot of regulars here who come for dinner several times a week!  

Anyways, give this place a try if you're tired of those typical chain restaurants.  They also have very affordable burgers & fries priced at approximately $11-13!

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Very nice, well manicured course for a par 3 executive course. Nice greens. Only negative is how busy this place is. 5 hours to complete and executive course due to the wait times is unacceptable.

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No, my Sat-Nav didn't break down.  I really did drive to Richmond, BC, or as some people call it...

...well, I could insert an Asian joke about this point, but I really have no issues with the ethnic mix of this region of Canada, especially considering that I inadvertently stumbled into the last bastion harboring the city's white community, a walled enclave called Country Meadows Golf Course.  I wouldn't normally have turned in except for the signs insisting that anyone was welcome to eat at their restaurant, The Grille.  Not the most original name.  My navigator was directing me to pass the location, to soldier onto my ultimate destination, the Colossus Cineplex.  However, despite being surrounded by a multitude of stores, I found not one place to eat there.  With over an hour before the showing, I turned the car around and made back for Country Meadows.

It is a beautiful place, an island of immodesty in an ocean of unharvested plywood.  There's a rutting dark bull frozen in pose before the entrance.  I'm the only one looking up at the architecture as families, elderly couples, and businessmen shuffle past glaring at me like I'm an Asian at an all-white country club.  In honesty, I do spot a few here and there, but with 65% of Richmond being minority (yea that makes sense), this tastes as being a little unrepresentative of the city's demographic.  I wander in and am broadsided at the quality of workmanship inside.  It blends that bizarre aristocratic country sensibility, the kind where people welcome you into their home and end up showing off the wood in the bar, with those antique family restaurants that continue so survive against the onslaught of franchise mediocrity.  Most of the main floor is dominated by an empty stage, one which I knew would puncture my ear drums if occupied.  

But this isn't a family restaurant, not exactly.  It's a strange mélange of family and fine dining with a mix of pub thrown in for good measure, like it changes its definition depending on the day of the week or the time of day.  The waitress offered a menu but immediately sold me on the soup sandwich special for the day, costing a mere twelve bucks.  With it, you also receive a glass of cola so tall, that it casts a shadow like a Kubrikian monolith over the rest of the meal.  The sandwich was a massive bun shoehorned with meat and melted cheese and was the best I may have ever tried in a restaurant environment.  

Boy, do I know how to call them.  Even though I was thirsty, I had no capacity to finish my drink, this Burj Khalifa-sized coke with an undertow.  The service was great; the food was better, and now I feel bad given my arrogant remarks at the beginning.  The only time I ever golfed, my twelve-year old nephew beat me, and I've never been able to hit a ball more than 200 yards in my life, and only then, it was a simulation golf course where you smack a ball to a projection twenty feet away from the tee.  I don't care for the game and find it boring and unnecessary, sorry to all my Scottish friends out there...yes, I realize that I have no Scottish friends.

However, this should not detract you from trying the Grille Restaurant at Country Meadows if you happen to be driving to the Colossus and realize you have an hour to kill.  This may be the only circumstance I can think of...I sure can't think of another reason to be there.  

Food:  4/5
Service:  4/5
Presentation:  5/5
Value:  4/5
Recommendation:  4.5/5

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This review is for the restaurant;

While the food may be decent, this restaurant is lacking any sort of quality service. The servers were inattentive when taking our order (and forgot it, at that), did not check up on us whatsoever, and were outlandishly rude; on top of everything else, I had to ASK for my soup after all of the other appetisers arrived, lest it had been forgotten.

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