Country Lakes Golf Club

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THis course is down in the mouth, that is true; due largely in part to a long and bitter legal dispute with the county. But that is over and hopefully this course is on track to see better days.

Yes, the rough is WAY rough and the greens are burnt...but the staff is friendly and the price (given the conditions) are right. This course overall is a great challenge to a beginner like me...and fun.

Hopefully, the future will see a better course. It deserves more than it is getting now.

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Stay Away... That is the best advise I could give you. This is the worst, by far, golf course I ever played. Greens are brown, can't tell what is fairway vs rough as they didn't have the grass cut for quite awhile. Some fairways are just hard dirt, sand traps (probably call them dirt traps). Just a terrible experience. Stay Away is the best advise I could give.

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This course is absolutely horrible! I have never played on such a bad course! The nicest thing about the whole course..they have nice carts..the rough, well that is deffinetly rough! Probably about 6" tall. The greens are completely burnt out making it impossible to have a good chip. The tee boxes are full of dandelions and are over grown. There is no such thing as a fairway, as all grass is one type and length. The course is lined by apartment homes and is in horrible shape compared to how it was 5-6 years ago. AVOID THIS COURSE! It isn't even cheap compared to others for what you get..

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Do Not Waste Your Time or Money. This is the worst course in ALL of Chicagoland. Overpriced in all respects. The range balls are older than most of the golfers reading this. About $10 for a bucket of chipped, scratched, mowed over balls, not even worth hitting. Terrible fairways, horrible greens, overgrown tee boxes and insulting bunkers filled with weeds. There are plenty of nearby courses with friendly staff and much more competitive pricing that will help improve your game. Don't bother with even driving by this waste of real estate.

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Played Country Lakes yesterday (August 27th) and without question, this is the worst golf course I have ever stepped foot on. Several times our group of 4 would lose our ball...IN THE FAIRWAY! I have never seen fariways in this condition before...these fairways would be considered rough on any other golf course. The greens were destroyed...huge brown patches equated to unreadable greens. Bunkers? Hard as cement. Any drinking water out there for the paying customers? Nope. Not even empty water jugs suggesting that at least at one time they had water..nothing. Any signs marking what hole you are on? Nope.

To the reviewer below who thinks that people who dont like this coure must be a "golf snob"....when greens fees are $40, you expect that at least you wont have to take a drop after hitting your ball in the fairway. This course is a joke- but the joke is on us if we continue to pay to play here. I will never step foot on this abomination, even if the next round was free. Waste. Of. Time.

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