Country Fareways

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Welp... this place is awesome.  

10 holes (!), all par 3's, not crowded, and reasonably priced.

I pretty much spent the better part of my summer before college here as 1. I was gainfully unemployed, 2. I was lovin the game of golf, and 3. it only cost 5 bucks to play.

The prices may have gone up some, the buckets of water they used to use as "holes" may have been replaced by legit greens, but the place still has the "country store" feel to it.  Hell... I think i once played in a sleeveless AC/DC shirt.  

Oh!  And there was that one time one the first hole that I teed off and REALLY connected with it.  I saw a family up past the hole walking to the 8th tee box.  Apparently my ball came close to hitting the mother... at least that's what her husband yelled to me.  He was an angry one... I said I was sorry.  What else you wanttttt!?

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