Country Club of Rochester

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Dinner here is never anything short of extraordinary. From the delicious bread basket full of a warm variety of breads to the fresh baked cookie tray they bring around for dessert, everything is delicious and the service can't be beat.

Tonight I got a Caesar salad (yum) and a center cut filet mignon with goat cheese and bordelaise sauce with grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes, and I got bernaise on the side because it's the best there. The filet was PERFECTLY cooked and melted in your mouth it was so tender. Not a single complaint about the evening, it was beautiful on the terrace.

PLUS Saturdays are no corkage fee so we brought some wine! It was great!

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I went here for a dinner with my board president. I have no clue how much things cost because there aren't prices on the menu and he paid- HOWEVER- the service (as one would expect) is excellent. To be real though... I did not really feel part of

They serve you a nice bread basket with a nice variety- including a cinnamon bready twist. The menu is smaller, but plenty of choices: filet, gnocchi, scallops, sirloin, etc.I had a Malbec and it was delicious...To eat- the 8oz cut of the sirloin. It was well cooked. It came with some mediocre potatoes, tasty green beans and an interesting bread puff.

For dessert, they brought a tray of cookies and peanut brittle. Yum. Peanut brittle!

I went around Christmas and the restaurant was BEAUTIFULLY decorated (by Wisteria, I was informed)- probably the best decor I've seen in awhile.

All and all- go if you get the chance but don't look like a slug- strict dress code.

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