Country Club of New Bedford

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My fiance, my parents and myself had been over looking at a wedding venue a few minutes down the road from here, the visit we were on was a scheduled visit and the hospitality company was less than hospitable. We passed this place on our way home, not being from the area, we decided to stop in and at least check out another location on the way. The golf course was very well taken care of which was a promising sign. We stopped in on a Sunday afternoon with no expectations to meet with anyone, merely just to see the place and keep it in our list of options going forward. Victor the Executive Chef was amazing, he welcomed us in, gave us a tour of the place and had answers for every question we asked (unlike the venue we had previously visited). Not only is he in charge of the kitchen but he had knowledge of all aspects of the club. To be so prepared for a drop by visit was beyond impressive as most wedding venues these days can't be bothered with unscheduled questions. It was made very clear that whatever we would want for the wedding we could have, instead of making us feel like we were a bother (again, how most wedding venues normally treat people) he made us feel as if we were members of the club and any request big or small was not a problem. Regardless of anything else, this place shot to the top of our wedding venue list because of this mans enthusiasm and professionalism, we can only imagine how amazing the food that comes out of that kitchen must be! If we decided to have our wedding here it will because of Victor. We were all very impressed with him, so far the only person during our wedding planning to impress us.

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CCNB is one of my favorite courses in the south coast and remarkably one of the best dining options in the New Bedford area. I was surprised at how good the food was since I had CCNB pegged as the kind of place that would be churning out mediocre food to an aging membership.

Victor Viera, head chef, proved me wrong. Great work!

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