Country Club of Lansing

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I recently held my daughter's bridal shower at the CCL. Danialle was very helpful with the decision making and very accommodating. I had a wonderful experience and would recommend there services for any event. The staff was so accommodating and the food was fantastic! I had so many compliments from my guests about the food and how wonderful the facility was. I did not find one of my guests wanting for anything. I found the final bill agreeable with what Danialle and I discussed with the additionals that the staff accommodated all my guests with. Simply wonderful! It was a perfect experience... Thank you to Danialle and all the staff that made this event a special memory for us.

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The food here was horrible. My potatoes tasted like rubber. When I told the server about it, they were unapologetic and didn't care. The staff is rude and the managers don't care either. Also, restrooms were very dirty. I have no idea how people pay to actually be a member here. It's a total joke.

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Please do not get married here. My guests had a great time, but only because I was personally acting as the event coordinator. My groom, bridal party and myself were stressed out to the max because we had not planned on taking care of everything ourselves. The event coordinator did not even keep our timeline on her. When I confronted her about it, she told me that it was not her job. When I tried to go to the general manager about my experience he told me that I was overreacting. I have never written a bad review ever and consider myself to be extremely laid back. The whole wedding I was busy taking care of things that the event coordinator was supposed to take care of. It was a nightmare. I wasn't able to relax until  my bridesmaids were able to hunt down the staff and have them try to get everyone seated for dinner. Very stressful. I was also overcharged for several things. When I confronted the general manager about it, he said "is it really that big of a deal?". Um yes! If I am being overcharged for things I didn't order!  it is a big deal! The country club has made no attempt to apologize or admit they messed up, they just sent me a long letter denying that anything went wrong. Crazy experience.

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oh dear. i think i just yelped myself.

that's how good the Lansing Country Club is. I don't even think words can express how delectable this establishment is.

First of all, lets just state one fact that can make or break a restaurant: good ranch. Now, some of you may ask what good ranch is. It is ranch that is NOT hidden valley from the bottle. It is "home-made" and is sometimes created from a packet. Good Ranch is a MUST. The CCL has it.

Second of all, the Bistro Steak Salad (order the meat rare.. it doesn't come out still pulsating I promise!) is a fresh blend of romaine and field greens. On top of that lies perfectly marinated beef strips that melt when they hit your lips. To add the perfect blend of a sour pucker there is strong crumbled blue cheese.  To finish off this mouth orgasm, their balsamic vinegarette is equally spectacular.

They don't do shots here (well not really) so saddle up with a nice glass of Syrah or Whiskey and Coke. Careful, their drinks can get you into trouble and remember... this is a country club, not a bar.

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