Country Club of Indianapolis

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We came here for a wedding the day before the blizzard of '14 and we were not impressed at all with the country club.  It looks nice on the outside, and in the receiving area and coat check area.  The ballroom the reception was in was decent looking.  The food was not good, and not as in not great, but it was crap.  It was a white fish that was really fishy smelly after cooking with a weird sweet glaze that really lacked any general flavor, it was just sweet.  The mashed potatoes were baked with a slight broiled quality, but they were dried out way to much.  The drinks seemed to be a bit high priced for a  reception, I had a couple double whiskey neat with Jack and it was twelve dollars, maybe I am cheap or I am used to some kind of freebies with wedding reception packages so I just had a stick in my craw.  I would not recommend any family or friends to plan wedding hear unless the deal was right or the it fit the budget

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The CCI has been a staple for our family.
The food in recent years has drastically improved.

On this occasion I had the Cedar Plank Salmon and it was decent...Nothing I would crave but tasty.

Their House salad is always a go to.

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