Country Club At Woodmore

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The country has made a lot of renovations. For some time the chef keep changing along with a lot of the staff. However, the food is better I wish we could have kept hector. He made it happen and always had a yes attitude there was not a time he told me he couldn't do something.  The management is ok it is hard to reach them at times but I will allow them to work out the kinks with all the new faces. The gold course is nice and the pool is chill, the club is a good place to bring the family.

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My family joined the Woodmoore in June 2013.  It was a nice club then but needed updating, the members staff wasn't always professional and the food was not so great however, the place offered all the amenities our housing community did not (golfing, swimming, tennis etc.).  Now that the club is under new management, some of the needed remodeling has been completed and continues to be ongoing without too much inconveniece to us members.  And best of all, a new Executive Chef was hired.  Let me tell you, the new chef made all the difference in the world.  Now, the food is top notch and food selection is more upscale.  I didn't give the club 5 stars because you can't always reach the staff by phone in a timely manner.  A phone receptionist durign business hours may help with this problem!

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not sure if "the fresh prince of bel air"  was filmed in front of a live studio audience, but i'd bet all the country club scenes were shot here.  

golf course.  check.
tennis courts. check.
restaurant/dining hall.  check.
swimming pool, pool house, cabanas. check, check, check.
snooty black folks a la carlton, hilary, uncle phil and vivian.  CHECK!

nice place though, if you go for the country club sort of thing.  word on the street is that it's monumentally less $$ to join than some other DMV area country clubs. like, 1/5 of the cost.  still not joining, but i'll visit when friends drag - er, invite me.

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