Cottonwood Country Club

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Great club, great location, new facilities, classic golf, fishing pond, tennis, pool, and a 300 person banquet facility.

This place is great for families, and tucked away in a quiet Holladay neighborhood.  Interesting grill menu, and a walk up bar at the pool. Great kids club during the summer, and a winter ski program.

Like monthly wine tasting and pairings? Ccc is the place. They have several special events, and a rocking July 4th celebration!

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I have been considering joining Cottonwood Club for about 3 years.  I just couldn't decide if it was worth the investment............................and I discovered IT IS WORTH IT!  We love this place.  It has everything we love in one place.  Golf, tennis, swimming pool (with dive in movies every Friday)  Amazing brunch and lunch and dinner are always great.  They have fun event parties some kid friendly some that are for the parents.  I am so excited for all the fun things to come and give this place 5 stars and would give them more if I could!

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bubble time is great- get in a group with members.
Last night of the season, we got together for drinks. IT's the first time I've set foot in the place since my first summer job my freshman, sophmore and junior year in highschool
The food was fine- actually if I was a member and had to spend $150/quarter I could see finding stuff on this menu that would be an alternative to Wendy's... I had the vegetarian stew- tomato base with spinach, asparagus, carrots, potatoes (that were roasted). There was a good flavor of garlic and the stoneground bread was great to dip into it.
The dessert... basic icecream with hershey's syrup, but there was a seemingly homemade shortbread cookie that set it off nicely.
It reminded me of a meal that I'd eat at home... pretty good. The wine list wasn't impressive...again, what I'd probably have at home.
It's not a destination but if you can afford the membership, the food was pretty good with some healthy choices.
For me, it's not worth it as the only tennis player in my family, but if I had golfers and my kids were interested in swim team, I could see becoming a member.

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