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I am a professional golfer on California mini tours so it is safe to say I have seen my fare share of golf courses... CMCC is one of the best public courses around for practicing and playing. The staff is very friendly and the greens are even better. Hands down bet greens in Orange County (public or private) if you want an all around great experience, you've selected the right spot.

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its the right price in the right spot..
sure there are bigger better clubs, but I'm not driving everyday to Monterey to play golf. (shees its 6 hrs)

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ML is my home course. Lagos, I play once a month, but you can't beat their twi's for Mesa. I give would have given it only 3, but the deals are awesome and it's a great course to walk and finish. Feels great to finish a course and having walked it. The greens are pretty good for a muni. The people who play there are not too bad either. Better than you would get playing in the IE. I hate playing in the IE, the patrons are the worst kind of human beings. When you accidentally hit up on people in the IE, they take it like you're insulting their gang or "click". Jesus... You can run into some weirdos here, but that's too far and few between. Grass range, that's cool. The practice greens are cool too. Cart girls usually look like they came from a swamp. Other than that, I like this place.

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My review is for the country club itself - as a venue. I had a group of seminars here yesterday, and the venue is a bit dated looking, but very clean, and the event was well run. I thought it had ample space, great parking, and friendly staff. They were so attentive that I think I used SIX mugs throughout the day, because anytime I got up, my coffee or tea was bussed right away.

The food was good - a very large breakfast array. Even though I was a fresh fruit and bagel eater - the other attendees seemed to be enjoying the sausage, bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. There were several baked items, as well. Between breakfast and lunch, there were snacks layed out - I didn't partake, but thought it was a nice touch. Lunch was a mexican buffet. Lots of choices both healthy and hearty. Again - snacks followed after this meal, some sort of little filled baked goodies. Cofffee and tea stayed filled all day. Very good service and food coverage for a business meeting.

The golf course looked decent for beginners - I took a little walk at lunch, and that was my impression. I also found the bar, but was realy disciplined, and returned to my meeting! This was so close to home, I am definately recommending the venue if asked where to hold a seminar.

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I have to give this course four stars for its sheer value.  Nowhere else will you find 36 holes with variations in elevation along the fairway with water in play on several holes.  Of the two courses, I've played the Los Lagos course more often and have been happy with the value of my tee time purchase, especially at the twilight rates.  

Los Lagos should be the way you go if you do choose to play at Costa Mesa Country Club.  It is the longer of the two courses and has a greater variety of hole types. My favorite hole is a dog-leg left par 5 that has a large lake at the bend, creating a hazard  from 240-270 yards out of the tee box.  This hole, as many do on this course, forces you to make decisions between conservative and bold shots.  It's possible to make the green in 2 but only if you're confident in driving it straight and long.

I take one star off for the excessively slow play at this course.  Typically, I am someone who sneers at people who expect pristine greens and fairways at a municipal course.  Yet, a line has to be drawn somewhere.  And wherever it is drawn, I would argue that Costa Mesa Country Club has crossed it by allowing fivesome after fivesome (and sometimes even sixsomes!) onto their courses.  This creates incredible chokepoints along the course.  At one par 3 on Los Lagos, which is actually the hole after the favorite par 5 hole I mentioned earlier, I waited for nearly 2 hours before my group was up to go.  That sort of wait prevented me from finishing 18 holes despite my noon tee time during the summer--I was definitely not happy about that.

Overall though, I have been a happy customer at this course.  It is a great place to learn how to play and provides enough of a challenge for even experienced players.

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