Costa Mesa Country Club

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I was here for a baby shower last weekend. The country club is in need of major rennovations! The place was stinky and the carpet was dirty and look it had never been replaced. There glass on the entry door was cracked. The banquet style breakfast was terrible. The scrambled eggs were bionic yellow, the bacon was dry and crispy, and the sausage was greasy and tasted like mystery meat. The fruit display was the only thing appetizing.

The room we were in was very large with a huge bar and there was a nice view of the course. The bathrooms were clean and the service was good.

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As usual, in the OC there is some serious ass construction clogging the road that leads to the golf course.  When I was in LA, they never fixed roads.  I knew the potholes from memory and thus knew to avoid them.  Since the 80s' I recall long-term road construction in the OC which would go on for ever, and ever and ever.  Which is better, I'm truly not sure.  Today, we nearly missed our tee time due to a 12 minute detour.

The PROS on this course:

-- fairly well maintained course with nice and "often" fast greens
-- a fairly challenging course due to length but not too many doglegs and plenty of nice open wide fairways
-- amenities include a diner, a snack bar and a nice grab-n-go window between the 9th and 10th holes
-- a full locker room (stuck in the 60s') which I believe has showers?
-- a fast moving golf cart without the annoying foot brake which is a pain in the butt to lock

The CONS of this course:

-- you walk in on a warm summer weekday and the course looks "SOLD OUT" as there are TONS of golfers and if you read Yelp reviews you are nervous of the possible back-to-back-to-back scheduling issues (NOTE: today we were fortunate and even though today was crowded it flowed very well with barely any delays and nobody "climbing up our corn" or turning "impatient puke"
-- the coin is a TAD high for a "municipal course"; we paid $49 each which was for 18 holes on the LOS LAGOS COURSE and it included a cart (morning tee time)
-- the "lawnmower men" are constantly going throughout the course while you play so NOISE will be an issue and if you have allergies you must pack the ZYRTEC "Fo sure"
-- due to their heavy scheduling a "two-some" will be paired with other golfers...ours worked out well today but in the past we've occasionally been paired with wannabe Tiger's...

NOTE: I would classify myself as more on the beginner level since I just took golf up again about 1.5 years ago.  My friend is more intermediate as he has played fairly consistently for about 30 years.  Both of us found this course fairly challenging.

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I come here every month to hold events for my work place. Vanessa is very old school so you e-mail is not an option which is fine. She is really great to talk to if you want to rent the space out. The food menu is great and it's relatively not cheap but it's decent. Chicken with pesto is good. This place usually rents out for weddings and is usually booked so book in advance! Good space though.

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Two courses in one.  You can't miss.  For the most part, the condition is good.  The shop is awesome and the putting greens are nice.  They have a nice clubhouse as I have been to a few events there.  it's not pebble beach, but I would definitely recommend.

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Very good for the price with a good layout. Great stop for the beginner.  Needs pay a little attention to the time frames for groups so your not playing on top of each other.  Over all good course

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