Copper River Country Club

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This is without doubt the best country club in the central valley! When you drive in through the recently developed multi million dollar homes you enter the amazing gated entry of the country club and continue up to the clubhouse that is sprawled out overlooking the golf course and amazing scenery that you would expect from a 5 star resort. The food is delicious, golf course is fun to play, tennis courts are top notch, and the olympic size pool in case you need to cool off! Staff is friendly and accommodates any need of yours, even if you are not a member! Overall if you want an escape from the hustle and bustle in the central valley, come visit this oasis, you won't be disappointed!

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Having Shot and attended many Weddings at this location, I can honestly say that Copper River Country Club is one of Fresno's most elegant and High Class Venues. From the scenic landscaping of the Golf Course to the small vineyards by the property, this venue makes for excellent Events and Photography.

The choice of food would make any chef jealous. Be prepared to pay out a little more than usual, but it is worth the investment. Easy to find and more than enough parking. My company Soulmates Photography has shot many weddings there and that one perfect shot by the back staircase is a shot not to be missed. I would highly recommend this Venue for weddings or events.

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Joined copper river about a year ago and I'm extremely happy with the club. It doesn't feel like your in fresno when you're here, it's a nice escape. The golf course is superb and so is everything else.

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My wife and I have been members for over a year. Absolutely love the service and hospitality of everyone at the club. The brunch is the best in town and the golf is second to none. Not pleased with them changing the order of the holes because we used to walk the front nine and ride the back, and the new order does not allow that. Definitely recommend!

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There is no doubt that the grounds of Copper River are beautiful and when driving in you feel as if you are somewhere other than Fresno.  I felt the need to write this review after attending a friends' wedding and seeing some of the service issues that need to be corrected and to give brides who are considering this venue a heads up.  I'm sure my friends spent a pretty penny on the event and they should have received the level of service they paid for.  First of all if you are having an early ceremony, know that this is a busy country club so there are lots of golfers and tennis players using the facilities.  There was ball noise and grunts coming from the tennis courts all during a 5:00 pm ceremony and golfers were walking in and out of the pro-shop all though the reception on the back patio.  When the ceremony was over and it was time for the reception to start, the wait staff did not have the glasses and wine ready for the guests on the patio - we had to wait for them to bring everything out and get it set up - a good 15 minutes.

The service in the dining room was some of the worst I'd ever experienced at an event.  Our server dragged is tie though the salads, stacked so many plates on the service trays that they were overlapping (bottoms of plates stacked halfway over the top of the food on the next plate) and when he picked up the dinner plates instead of picking up a couple of plates and putting them on the service tray, he went all the way around the table and stacked plates on top of each other until he got to me and picked up my plate at the bottom of the other 5 he was holding in a stack.  The dining room also has an awkward setup and the columns in the middle of the room make it difficult to see.

The food was not good.  The salads had been dressed too early and were very soggy.  My friends paid for New York steak but that's not what we were served - it was a cheap, tough cut of something.

Finally, details are being overlooked at the facilities.  Standing on the balcony overlooking the grounds, we noticed that there were several lamp posts where the lights were out and someone had left garbage cans sitting out where they could be seen.

I wanted to really like the Copper River Country Club and felt bad for my friends who were trying to put on a nice party.  They should have received a lot better service than they did.

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