Copper Creek Golf Club

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I was here for a wedding this past weekend and wow--this place is niiiiice.  First of all--the food.  When have you ever been to a wedding and the food's been anything more than passable?  I've been to swanky and low-brow weddings alike, and no matter what, the food is just meh.  Not here.  If you have fastidiously discerning Italian relatives like our bride did, have your wedding here.  The food was amazing.

Secondly, the service.  Of course it's Canada so everyone is about 17x nicer than anywhere else, but here the service was stratospheric.  The priest was an hour and a half late *and* it was raining but the staff kept us all snacked and watered and cheerful as the designated wedding coordinator surreptitiously directed the hopelessly lost priest back to the venue.

Thirdly--the atmosphere.  Normally I find golf courses exceedingly bland, but Copper Creek is situated in the undulating and fecund hills of the Humbert River Valley, making for spectacular views from the floor-to-ceiling windows.  Once the rain cleared up we were able to partake of the expansive and elegant patio.

Despite the late priest and the truly awful band, I had a fantastic time and I credit it all to the venue (well, and my family.  They're a lot of fun).  They create a celebratory and sumptuous atmosphere, making it easy for guests to relax and enjoy.

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