Conway Farms Golf Club

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Now we were here for the 2013 BMW Championship. (Thursday & Saturday)  It is a nice course... however the logistics just needed a tad bit more accountability. We enjoyed ourselves while we were there, the issue was leaving the park trying to board the shuttle buses. It was extremely crowded even for the BMW owners. I can tell they tried to make it less of a a headache for those that were in attendance.

I cant even recall how many times the owners parking lot was moved!! The owners pavilion really nice and a way to relax to get food and drinks. It just so happened that while we was up there.. Zach Johnson's mom walked up and was chit chatting with us about her son on the 17th teeing off!! lol!! was  Definitely an experience!!
Man I missed my check in here..... :)

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A new favorite course of mine to play. Beautiful, well managed course with plenty  of hazards and high grass (heather) to keep you honest and manage your game.

One of my top ten favorite course to play.

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