Confederation Park Golf Course

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Went here for a work team building golf day. I am not an avid golfer but I've grown up around golf courses. This one is nice, well kept and easy enough to walk. There are a decent amount of trees for Calgary which is nice compared to some of the newer courses that have more of a moon landscape to them.

The staff were pretty friendly (the lady on the beer cart as well as the snack bar people). The starting marshall was a bit brisk but other than her everyone else seemed to have a laid back attitude.

Its a good course for a beginner but I know a few seasoned golfers that choose this course for a quick game of golf. It's easy to get to with a good amount of parking which is nice too.

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Confederation is a well maintained city course in a nice setting. The length of the course is not long aside from one 234 yard par 3 and one par 5 playing 553 yards from the blues. It is only a 9 hole course that will play quite differently playing from the blue vs. the white tees.

Playing both tees on the same day would make for an enjoyable 18 hole experience. Decent value for money with the cost running $30 not including cart for 9 holes. It is an easy course to walk as well.

Large driving range facility with the small bucket size being the same as most courses large bucket size. Would recommend the course for beginner to intermediate golfers.

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This is a review only of the Confederation practice range.

As nice as this setting is for hitting a few balls, it is not a place to calibrate your swing.  The reason is the balls are NOT REAL golf balls.  They look real, but their travel is restricted to about 70% of the distance real playing golf balls would travel.  Why the City of Calgary does this I do not know.  I could speculate, but I really do not understand it.

It cannot be to save money because even low compression range balls cost good money.  Their prices are similar to many ranges who use real golf balls, so any savings is not being passed along.

If you seriously want to learn to play golf properly, do not try to calibrate your swing here.  A golfer has to know exactly how far he or she can hit each and every club in the bag and can only learn that at a proper practice range.  I also believe you can injure yourself trying to hit these travel-limited balls as far as you might normally.

As far as I know, all City of Calgary practice ranges use these CRIPPLED golf balls.  It's unfortunate, but you cannot learn to golf well by practicing at City of Calgary golf ranges.  (Hitting balls for a laugh or warming up here is fine.)

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This public course is a perfect playing course for those who are either looking for a casual round or to brush up on their skills.

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Here's what I love about the Confederation Park Golf Course:

In the summer it is used as a golf course which is reasonably priced, extremely beautiful and convenient to get to.

In the winter, it is used for cross-country skiing! Talk about taking full advantage of an area year in and year out!

The Confederation Park Golf Course has been around forever and is situated in N.W. Calgary, right adjacent to Confederation Park. It's got everything from a Driving Range and a Club House, to lessons and a licensed snackbar.

Reservations are recommended as it gets quite busy during Golf Season and for those of you who like to golf leisurely, yes, golf carts are available to rent :)

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