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This course is pretty nice. But...I came to play on a Tuesday, course is nearly empty. I think I know why. $52 to WALK on a Tuesday?! Really?!?! When I asked why the price is so high for a weekday, they said some guys name that I have never heard of.
Maybe you should charge a little better price, maybe you could fill the course then.
Oh, and they tried to compare it to GVR, lmfao, no way in hell this is any where close to GVR.
I don't dislike this course but I do think these guys think to highly of it.

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The golf course is great. The staff on the other hand? Some of the staff are awesome. All of the people at the front desk and snack bar rock. The actual managers, though? Nope! The managers at this course sure do their job, but they can be pretty rude about it! Apparently it's okay in these manager's minds to interrupt someone in the middle of a golf shot to ask "why the hell are you parked thirty yards or closer to the green?" I understand if you don't want carts on your green, but you're really going to interrupt me in the middle of a golf shot thirty yards away from the green to make me move my cart to the path? Despite this, the course is pretty good, and it's in a convenient location, so we'll probably be back.

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Common Ground has become one of the greatest public golf courses in the United States. A premier golf architect  (Tom Doak) re-designs a former course into a challenging course for all levels of play right in the heart of Denver.

Very walkable and junior Caddies available create one of the best golf experiences in the State. Thanks to the Solich Brothers and their belief in the Evans Scholars Caddie program Common Ground is able start young men and women on a path to receiving a scholarship to CU.

Common Ground is for the beginner or expert, everyone at this course including all the employees are dedicated to the game of golf and having fun.

I am proud to make Common Ground my home course and I am sure you will enjoy it too.

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I hear it's closed now due to flooding. I doubt if many will miss this over priced course except for the staff who think it's wonderful. The old Mira Vista had some charm and was actually affordable to play for those who lived by it. This new laughingly upscale course is meant for those who live elsewhere. Go to a muny Aurora course for the money. In fact Murphy  Creek and Saddle Rock are much nicer. For that old course affordable ex-military charm save big bucks and play Fitzsimmons.

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The course is nice, and if you are a CGA member the price is fine ($42), same goes for twilight (about $30).  They have a program where you can get a free caddie (you just have to tip), and even though the caddie I had was not as good as I would have liked or expected, it was still pretty awesome to have someone else lugging my bag around all afternoon.  The par three course is free for kids, which is amazing, and the staff is nice.

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