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If you know me, you will know there is nothing more I love than a sunny afternoon out on the greens, getting holes in one and being one with nature.

Jay Kay. I don't really golf for seriousness, but I love kicking around a few balls from time to time. The greens are well maintained. The staff is wonderful...really helpful and friendly...

This place is beautiful and the view of Mt.Hood is even more amazing.

The next time we come here, I am going to try some of the looked pretty yum.

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We were able to attend a beautiful wedding here at one of Portland's nicest country clubs. The view of Mt Hood is astounding, and their clubhouse and grounds reflect the very classy style of the club. They're right next to the airport, but we didn't even notice the planes taking off, so that wasn't a problem at all. Thanks for all the great help from the staff!

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Imagine it's a Monday in June here in Portland and you've been invited to play in a fundraiser golf scramble at the creme-de-la-creme course in the city. Well, that was me a few weeks ago and my first time at a private course and my first legit 18 holes. Wow. What a difference it makes!

The course was very well kept and the grounds crew was out there right before our tee time (we had the joint to ourselves) making sure every blade was at its finest. They were helpful when two amateurs were looking for holes (no hole signage) and were very attentive to our needs (there were 31 teams about to embark on some drunken debauchery all in the name of college athletics)!

My friend is getting married at the end of the month and I am eager to see what the CECC pulls off for her big day. When I'm raking in the dough I'd be ever so fortunate to have the privilege of joining such a classy place--in the meantime, weddings and fundraisers will be my only in.

Pros: Excellent greens, service and staff
Cons: Private and expensive, close to the airport (F-15s are worse than Rodney Dangerfield)

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I had the pleasure of attending a friend's wedding at the Columbia-Edgewater Country Club yesterday, and, well, let's just say that it's been a LONG time since I've been in a Member's Only club (it's probably been at least since Member's Only clothing was in style... the first time).

The CECC sits up on Marine Drive in NE Portland, across the street from the Columbia River, and right in the flight path of Portland International Airport. The latter was immediately evident as we sat in an incredibly beautiful outdoor area surrounded by wisteria vines, gorgeously meticulous landscaping and, well, Marine Drive. Numerous departures from PDX to points-beyond soared a mere two-thousand or so feet above our heads in constant succession throughout the ceremony. While the setting was fairly idyllic (and the photos will surely show it), the combined noise from the air traffic overhead, the weekend car, boat, and motorcycle traffic on Marine Dr. (less than 200 feet away), and the humming rooftop HVAC made it quite difficult to hear word one of the ceremony. Regardless, it was a precious moment.

The main clubhouse/function-area/whatever you want to call it is reminiscent of your standard 1970's style country club. I know it was founded in 1925, but it's fairly obvious that it was remodeled sometime between then and now. I understand that many of the members areas don't allow jeans or other dressed-down attire, so it goes without saying that there's definitely a higher-than-average snoot factor here. I guess if you're Ritchie Rich and desire to member-up here, you don't want the other riff-raff members dressing like, uh, riff-raff.  Whatever.

For the wedding event, of course, the dress code is not in effect. The reception took place in the main ballroom area with a nice porch overlooking the incredibly beautiful golf course. There was a bar front on the ballroom side and I could see there was also a Member's Only bar on the other side that seemed a bit more casual (probably for the golfers). Down from the porch toward the golf course there's a snack bar, large pool area, and golf pro shop that, to my delight, sells cigars. Brilliant.

The service at the event was impeccable. Super nice staff was attending to our every needs, and the snoot factor was zero (much appreciated). Unfortunately, we were seated about as far as we could get from the bar, so we befriended a random server, tipped well, and had her bringing drinks to us all night. Score multiple for us. She ruled.

The food at the event was above average for country club buffet wedding food (ok, fine, I'll admit, I end up at country clubs every so often for weddings). Nothing incredibly amazing, but pretty darn tasty. Chicken, halibut, roasted potatoes, salad, noodle salad, veggies, fruit, rolls, etc. The standard buffet fare taken up a notch.

Then came the tip-topper. After the cake, while the party was in full swing, we see some commotion across the room in the spot where the buffet once stood. Straining to peer through the crowd, we see a white fountain, and people dipping things in it. Wow, "chocolate fountain," we say to each other. "But we just had wedding cake." As I said that last tidbit, a random guest passed by and we asked what was going on over there.

"Ranch dressing fountain with tater tots."

Oh, ok... WAIT, WHAT?!?!?!?

"A fountain, flowing with ranch dressing, and a chafing dish full of tater tots for dipping in the fountain."

Now normally I would have soiled trou at even the mere mention of such an incredibly ingenious idea. Had I not been in a suit, I might well have at least sharted a little. I held it in. Instead, I let out a great gasp as a I sprang from my chair and sprinted in the direction of this culinary masterpiece. Nope. They weren't lying to me. It really was what they said it was. A fountain of ranch dressing.

Someone pinch me.

Snatching a handful of tater tots (I'm still at a country club, mind you), I shove my hand into the fountain to find that yes, to my giddy, school-girl-like glee... that thar's a ranch fountain, ya'hear!

Check that one off the life list.

If I could have found the chef, I would have hugged him right then and there.

A decent place to have a wedding RECEPTION (not sure I could say the same about an outdoor ceremony, simply due to the insane amount of noise), and a great place to witness ranch dressing freely flowing down a 4-tiered food fountain and into my belly astride a fresh, hot, greasy tater-tot.

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