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Don't listen to others posting about their experience at the Solheim Cup. First off, it was a much hotter weekend than normal, and much like the Ryder Cup, the Solheim is a different kind of tournament with a different atmosphere. Tournament food is also no representation of what actual food at the club tastes like. Also anytime there is a tournament at a private club, parking will be an issue, and is actually run by the PGA and not the club.

Having been a member and having had my wedding there, I feel as if I am plenty qualified to write a review for Colorado Golf Club. The Clubhouse is not only one of the best in Denver, but arguably in the nation. Chef Bob is fantastic, not only did he create some great food choices for our wedding, but the menu each night never disappoints. Top notch food made and served by employees who care about the club.

The golf course is challenging, beautiful, and one of the best I have played in Colorado. It is a joy to play each time that I am able to get out there. The driving range has a perfect view of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains. To those complaining about the course layout for watching tournaments, they are clearly upset about the fact that they may have a lot of walking to do. Yes, it is a course that is 7,400+ but it allows for some amazing and exciting play for the pros and yourself that is not matched in the state. Cherry Hills is a nice course, but way too short to provide the excitement it did back in the day.

There is a reason that the PGA was interested in purchasing the club like they did Valhalla when it was facing financial troubles. It is definitely on their radar and after a successful Senior PGA Championship, you should expect to see a PGA Championship in the works before long.

Yes the Club is still relatively new, so not all the lots are built on and a fitness center/pool/spa is in the blueprint stage, but it has a lot going for it and there is a reason it has received national acclaim since it began.

So to sum it up, don't trust a review written by someone who went to one of the PGAs rowdier tournaments on an above average temperature weekend, trust a review written by someone who has been to Colorado Golf Club several times for tournaments, his own wedding, and just for a round of golf and dinner. If you ever get the opportunity to golf or have dinner with a member at this course, take it. And if you are lucky enough to be invited to become a member, do not let the opportunity pass you by.

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I've been to the Colorado Golf Club on 2 occasions and haven't been impressed either time.. It's ridiculously expensive and not all the swanky! The club house at Pradera or even the Pinery far outshines this place and there's zero parking. The course is gorgeous and I did enjoy watching the Solheim Cup but with little shade and sweltering heat unless you were able to fork out the big bucks for the special tickets you couldn't stay long. The food I've had there was nothing I would go back for either. They really need to step up their game to attract the super elite clientele I assume they are looking for.

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If I could give this course less than 1 star, I would. This is not a course to have an event. There is no easy way to get around the course and watch. The course looks like an interesting course to play but there are some big deficiencies like only 1 drinking fountain and restroom on the course. I was here for the solheim cup and compared to Rich Harvest Farms, CGC was a spectator disaster. Not enough grandstands, fairway crossing, water, clean restrooms, jumbo screen TVs, easy access to the holes, and knowledgeable employees who care about customer service. The Ping Pavillion restrooms were atrocious and filthy, no soap, no toilet paper, not enough stalls, not clean or pumped. everyday the toilets were full and the ripe smell was offensive 200 feet away. Disgusting. I will never come here again.

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