Coloniale Golf & Country Club

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I gave Coloniale one star, only because I had to...

We have lived in Beaumont 8 years now and are avid golfers. Coloniale golf course seemed like a dream come true. A golf course that has won the golfers digest rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and close to home!

Sadly no. They are still riding on that award from many years ago. Since then, their customer service has declined severely. Even as a regular full paying customer, the staff are extremely uninviting.

The cost is steep, especially considering there are no luxuries and the poor customer service in comparison to other golf courses near by offering GPS, complimentary bottle of water and complimentary practice facilities.

Expect to pay a lot for not a lot in return.

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I usually golf coloniale once or twice a year.  This year I golfed a charity tournament there. The event staff were organized and the carts were all ready for us with shuttle service. The holes are decently challenging considering it's on pretty flat land in residential Beaumont. The only real concern and it cost them 2 stars is that there is no bank machine on site... I was there for a charity tournament and all of the hole games and draw prizes needed cash, they literally had no way for us to get cash... It was beyond frustrating. I will be back, because the course is nice, but need to remember to bring cash.

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