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Had a great time. If you ever have a chance of going here, GO!

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In honor of it being our 10 year wedding anniversary this year, I thought I should review our wedding venue.

We were so lucky to have our wedding at the Claremont Country Club. You either need to be a member or get a referral from a member to have an event here. We were lucky enough to get a referral.

It was such an amazing place to get married. Unlike a hotel, this isn't a wedding factory. We were the only event all day. We had the entire place to ourselves. The grounds are beautiful, the rooms are beautiful, and from what I can remember, the food was good as well.

A truly hidden gem in Oakland!

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Someone commented "Conservative Palin Lovers."  There may be some, but I find they are in the minority.  Among my friends who are members, few are even remotely conservative.

As for the club and club house, it doesn't get better in the East Bay.  The location is tucked-away, the setting is lush, the architecture is grand, the food is good, and the service is professional.

Oh, the golf course isn't bad either!

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Needless to say, I was quite surprised by the Claremont's existence: a county club in Oakland?!

It is a fantastic club. I've been here on many receptions and speaking engagements and have always been pleased with the place. The appetizers and snacks that they provide are always fantastic. They maintain their distance but are always there should we need help, it's a fine balance that many places cannot provide. I've also had meals there (hurray for the "working" or meeting lunches) and the wait staff are friendly, courteous, quick, and attentive. I have to say that often times they are a bit awkward though, as a lot of them are surprisingly quite young.

The club is fantastic and a great place to forget that you're in Oakland. Oakland isn't all that bad.

My only qualm was that it was quite frustrating (albeit hilarious) when I had to go to a meeting here at the Club and someone I was meeting decided to show up in an Armani shirt, oxfords, and True Religion jeans. While fashionable, he was not allowed in because he had no coat and he wore denim, very awkward I have to say.

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Please do not confuse the Country Club with the Hotel - they are two distinct and separately owned properties. I see one reviewer said she stayed here - it is not a hotel so you can't stay.

That said - it was built in 1928 and is a landmark in the Rockridge area of Oakland. A gem that we are all proud of because when people see it they say "This is Oakland?!" Yes... despite the ugly the media focus's on - there is much beauty, history and grandeur that is Oakland. Both old and new.

I have attended several business related events here over the years. They always do a very nice job. The house wines are pretty tasty and the staff is extremely friendly.

The greens are excellently tended (though it is a private club so what do you expect?!)

If you have a chance to attend an event - go! By all means! It really is a magical space that transports you back to the golden era.

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