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Very nice course for a municipal course especially.  Extremely busy, so I was grouped with a couple of locals, who informed me they believe it is the busiest course in South Carolina.  Very nice couple of gentleman who helped guide this newby through.  

At any rate, playable but I found very difficult (alas, I'm a high handicapper), especially due to many fairly long par 4s.  But overall, highly recommend to any skill level.  Just don't be in a big hurry if it's summer time and tourist season.  

Very much worth the reasonable price.

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Good course, terrible people. The starter was a jerk. The ranger was a jerk. Most everyone who worked there seemed angry and resentful. This is the first time I felt discriminated against or my age (41)... Which up me about 30-40 yrs junior to most everyone else there.

The starter could not have been more rude.  If you want a score card you need to reach into his cart for it because he will not hand it to you. The ranger is less friendly and the more you play the more you realize you're being stalked and harassed.  At one point, while on the green to putt, I looked up to see the ranger getting out of his cart and into ours to move it because two wheels were touching the grass (pulled over to the right to allow other passage at a congested part of the course). That and the stares he would shoot our way were just the beginning. It got even better when he 'caught' my 10 year old son driving the cart (with me in it).  Evidently, you need to be 18 and have drivers license to drive a golf cart with your dad on this muni.

I could go on about the grounds keepers revving their weed eaters and burned out greens, etc. but it's too much to write about.  

Bottom line. I will never play this course again. Pay the extra money and go to another course.

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This course is a gem. One of the nicest public courses I've ever played. The course is really well maintained with well cut fairways and consistent greens. The front 9 consists of tight fairways lined by trees and a bunch of doglegs. Water hazzards will eat your balls if you are not careful. The greens are large and forgiving but some are quite challenging.

The back 9 is where this course really shines. Beautiful views of the bay and long, wide open fairways really let you air out some shots while enjoying the course. I found myself pulling out the 3 wood for my second shot on a couple of par 4's (likely a result of my horrible driving).

You need a tee time, so call ahead and make sure you get there early to avoid being heckled by the Proshop and Starter for being late. No coolers allowed, and they do check, so don't bother trying to sneak it in. I was told that we could put ice in a bag and put our drinks in, but no go on the foam cooler. We filled our cup holders with drinks and were given passage. They have a drink cart that makes the rounds, so you can always get something there.

My only complaint is that they seem to be overly obsessed with patrolling Marshals. During our 18 holes we were "observed" by at least 8 marshals, and a few of them felt the need to approach us after our shots to remind us to keep the pace of play (even though no one was behind us).

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Cheap for a great day of fun

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When you play the Charleston Municipal G.C. for the first time, it is definitely a challenging and likable course. There are so many great things to say about this place, it is hard to choose a starting point. ---So, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A MUNI GOLFER-- arrive at x time, with all the parking one can want, please dont take MY spot, to the left of the kerosene tank..You can pay $2.00 for a bucket of ball, to machine gun out, if your late for a tee time, or step up $5.00 for a full bucket. FY: The MUNI just installed some great high tower lighting, so no mare shining the headlights on the range for a late night of practice.

Speaking of which, you can chose not to play, practice all day at the range, putting green, chipping area, have breakfast, lunch, MUNI brews and be under $20.00 for the day! How can you beat that? Everyone that works there is just so friendly and great at their jobs, if you read my reviews or follow my reviews (Please follow me;-0) you know I have little tolerance for crappy customer service. Here at the MUNI, within a few rounds, the workers are friends to me and I get treated very well there, everyone gets treated very well there.
Getting back to golf: It is the best golf deal in CHS and HHI, I have lived in both locations. Pay the fee and play all day for one price? It is just incredible! I put up 54 holes 2 years ago in a single day, sun up to sun down.

The food is GREAT, for what I would liken to diner food, great and so reasonable prices, best burger in town, quality franks and sandwiches, did I mention MUNI brew? You will see the UPS guy there having lunch and those guys know the spots to eat.

I can keep going on and on and I just might, with the tournaments, other events, Jenkins Links for a inexpensive HCP.

FYI: Dont play any of the old timers for money, you will be opening up the wallet on 18.

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