Cincinnati Country Club

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The New York Strip I ate there was probably the best steak I've had in my life.
The location is great. Eating outside and watching the golf course is the best.

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Having never played the course, I can't comment on the greens, but I can definitely recommend the club house and the excellent bartenders, servers, and staff as being top notch. The house is traditional and "fancy" so it is great for a reception, dinner, or any special occasion where you need to impress. Parking is close by and valet is also an option. There is a coat check available for the colder months too.

*Personal trivia: I had my first eggs Benedict here. I liked it.

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I always feel like I need to mind my Ps and Qs when visiting this place.

But, shouldn't we do that every place?


The CCC. This is the kind of place where the staff have one mission - to serve you. With a polite smile, they'll take your coat, pour you a drink or show you to your dining party - and swiftly.

Crack open the hardback menus and you'll discover a list delicious country club standards including grilled salmon salad and grilled veggie paninis. At least, that's what I perused during a recent luncheon there.

The CCC also serves a variety of delicious canapes and hors d'oeuvres during cocktail parties. One of those items includes an awesome cheese crisp that I am told is just made with shredded parmesan and mayonaise.

Should you get a chance to step beyond these cloistered walls, I suggest you take it, and reminisce about a time when things were slower and service was deliberate.

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