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I wouldn't go back there even if you paid me! I made the mistake of renting this place out for my wedding AUGUST! They never mentioned to me that the bridal "suite" upstairs has no air conditioning whatsoever! It is practically a big dirty room with no furnishings and absolutely no character. Gabrielle Gonzalez, the Director of Events & Member Relations did absolutely nothing to make our stay there comfortable....she noticed we were all melting in the bridal suite and did nothing about it. To be honest, I don't think she knows what her job description is....what in the world do you actually do Gabrielle? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

The club does not allow outside food to be brought in as well...which I was willing to work with. I ordered $160 worth of food for my girls to eat while getting ready. I was shocked at the expensive prices on the menu...but I figured it was because it would be delicious. I ordered a pastry platter...they brought me a plate with tiny cream puffs you can buy in a box from CostCo for cheap! They brought a crappy bottle of champagne (I paid $30) in a hideous bright blue plastic ice bucket and gave us attitude when we asked for a normal looking one! None of the food that I ordered even made it 10 minutes after being brought into the bridal "suite" because it was so hot!

My girls' makeup, as well as my own melted and smeared several times! We complained to Gabrielle, and she ignored us and never returned. In fact, any time I asked her something about the wedding, she hardly knew anything at all except how to charge us for the rental, of course!

The bathroom near the bridal "suite" is just disgusting! No mirror for a bride to use and ants everywhere! I've seen better bathrooms at a McDonald's. They said they would send someone up to clean the bathroom up and NEVER did! WOW  

Erik Sarukhanian is very stuck up and rude. That man needs a reality check and should be fired for being so unprofessional. He acts like he is doing us a favor whenever he is required to do his job.

The manager Ric Moore is almost impossible to get a hold of because no one ever picks up the phones....I hate this place with a passion!

To put it short, this place is run by lazy, ungrateful, and unprofessional people. I think the bartender was the only one I actually liked.

STAY AWAY! they know how to make you special day into a hot mess! Literally!

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I have gone twice now as a guest and am going to get  a summer membership. The bartenders and staff in general are so polite! They remember your name and go beyond what is necessary. The pool is a real treat!

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This is a review of this place as a venue for events.

Our school held a prom here, this year, on a Friday night.

This place is a major cleaner upper.  When I first looked at it, it seemed just okay, but  when I arrived for the event, the place was transformed.  They were able to offer a lot of decor from what they had available.  They made it look amazing with some hanging lights, tulle, and sashes.  It is small, and the dance floor is small, but it is great for an event with less than 70 people.  They managed to fit 10 tables and a photo booth, and some poker tables.  There is a bar.  They added in a fog machine and extras not included in the contract out of the kindness of their heart.  They really cared about our cause, and wanted to help out our school and our budget issues at a great price.  They are fluent in Spanish, and very kind.

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since valentine night this third time we went to chevy chase country club, last sunday we been there for breakfast it was amazing nice service and very good food i am big fun of this place.

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Run as fast as you can if you are thinking of having a wedding here!!!! We planned a wedding here and to make a long story short the custom service was AWFUL, rude, mean, and not accommodating at all.  The bride and bridesmaids melted as they got ready upstairs( no air) Asked for water and that was a big deal... That is a small sampling of our experience.  Also cost us twice as much as planned with added costs we were not aware of.   i will never go there again.

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