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Nice looking course but the experience wasn't the best.  Had a 1:35 tee time on a Friday afternoon. It's was backed up and we didn't get going till about 1:50. The starter who was maybe 17 years old told us "Friday's are just busy".

Well he wasn't kidding. We didn't get done till 730...yea really. I love golf but an almost 6 hour round is nuts.

There are quite a few blind tee shots and the group behind us was up our $&@ the entire day.  Younger guys..two of them in Nike mesh shorts and white t shirts...oh boy. And there was absolutely no where to go. Each hole had a group on the green, one in the fairway, and one waiting at the tee. I've had people hit up on me...but never actually hit shots over my head...multiple times. Talked to them 3 times and each response end with "we play here all the time.."  So that means I have to constantly be worried about getting knocked out by a golf ball??  No ranger in sight...anywhere...all 6 hours.
Finally had enough when we were walking off the green of a par 3 and I heard a ball land about 10 feet to the left of us. We weren't even off the green and they hit up!! I finally called the pro shop and was told "nothing we can's talk to them". Thanks...
Very well maintained, nice greens, good views, nice restaurant with good sandwiches ...but that experience left a bad taste...won't be back anytime soon. Too bad

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Nicest public golf course in the area. The sports bar has great food at reasonable prices. Bartenders are always nice & efficient. Their banquet facilities are great for a wedding or any party. I had my wedding & bridal shower here & both were perfect! Lee is very accommodating. Check this place out!

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Heard that its a great women's course. Hah. Nice course but ranger was a real jerk! He hid in the trees for 12 out of 18 holes just sitting watching us golf! Then he approached us several times telling us to move on knowing perfectly well the men in front of us were walking. Different set of rules for men on this course. Women beware!! Men driving all over fairways with their carts to hit from one fairway to another. It was an absolute circus. AND the ranger turning a blind eye to that. Shame because several people recommended it.  Definitely a public course segregating their clientele. Only nice people there were the guy at the pro shop and Pat at the first tee. I could have sworn I paid the same fee as the guys in front of us. What a huge disappointment!

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I really like this course. A tad pricey, but a nice track. The help could use some help in the customer service area, but hey, you're there to play golf, not talk to them. The only problem I have with the course, are the tee boxes. There is NOT a flat tee box on the entire course. They are atrocious. Let me say that again...they are atrocious!!!! You never have a flat stance from which to tee off. I don't understand this, cause the rest of the course is always in great shape. The tee boxes is the only reason I don't bring my annual outing there. I really like the final 4 holes.

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FYI - I've golfed this place more times then I can count.

I golf the area a lot and after reading some of these reviews, I have to break Center Square down for you.

1.) They are PRICEY, no doubt about it.  Overpriced during the summer...BUT the course is in great shape in the winter and the prices drop dramatically.

2.) The course is always crowded and they are way to snooty for a public course. (Some of the time, they have some really nice genuine people working there sometimes.)  Basically, call ahead.  I repeat, call ahead.

3.) The course is always in nice shape, they do a great job of clearing the leaves.  Something I cant say about all the courses in the area.  Excellent greens that tend to vary depending on the conditions, usually on the fast side, but can play very slow some days.

4.) It plays EXTREMELY SHORT...I don't care if you play from the Blue or the White, this is one short track.

5.) This fifth fact is my favorite: THE CART PATHS DO NOT COME IN TO PLAY.  The paths don't run up and down the fairways and since there's very few places to go out of bounds on this course, it is very likely you won't lose your ball.  But I recommend marking your ball clearly because since the holes are on top of each other, everyone will be checking your balls out.  (Not like that, gross)

You have the facts.  Hit em straight.

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