Cedarbrook Country Club

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I had my wedding at Cedarbook, and I am so glad I did!!  Perfection, everything, from outside ceremony to the reception was just perfect.
The staff from management to servers were absolutely awesome. The food was the BEST food I ever had at any fine restaurant or country club.
The room looked beautiful in the pictures!  It was a toss up, but I am so glad I made the right choicenwith Cedarbrook!
Maria Stevens

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I've been here over the years for seminars and golf outings.  Today was a seminar, and this report is on the food alone.   Lunch was served right at the exact expected time, on a buffet table, but with a bunch of tasty, very edible banquet food, as well as treats.

The non-mayo pasta salad was very flavorful, with an olive oil dressing you can taste.  The fruit salad was fresh, fruit almost ripe, another day or two would have been perfect, but please, don't serve the orange slices with skin on, you had to resort to fingering the orange, messy.  

Room temp grilled veggies was a nice addition.  The hot trays included a messy, overcooked cheese steak mixture, kind of stringy, not the best, hard to serve yourself.  And also hot was a nice sausage, pepper and onions tray to add to the wonderfully fresh hard rolls, which were only hard by definition, certainly not texture.  A delicious hoagie sliced in four-finger sized pieces and french fries which could have been cooked a little more finished out the pre-dessert selections.

For dessert there was a tray of sugar cookies, white chocolate cookies, brownies, and a basket of soft pretzels with various mustards.  Very well done.  Dessert was 4 stars.

This was A-OK, it was good, not bad like my last year's experience at White Manor, but not near as good as Commonwealth National or Philadelphia Country Club.

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