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OK - I am 63 years old, and this will be my 63rd  year at Cedar Lake.  

BUT, lest you think this is a place only for the geezers, this will be the 30th summer for my 29 year old daughter, who now brings her family here.

The beach will be filled with children playing in the sand, learning to swim, and meeting new friends.  Others of all ages will be enjoying a day-trip picnic, or a round of golf, or some quiet fishing.

Why?  A spring-fed pristine lake kept quiet by an absence of power boats.  100+ simple cabins nestled above the lake on one side amid long-growth trees.  An excellent 18-hole golf course on the other side of the lake.  A central Club House with a great restaurant.  And most of all, affordability!  This is the kind of club where even young adults and young families can afford to be members.  

I don't know why this is listed under "entertainment" when it is really a full-service country club with the plus of having on-site seasonal living available.  I mean, where else these days could you find a "summer home" ready to move into for as little as $20,000?  (No, I did not lose a zero - that is twenty thousand dollars for a summer home - along with all the amenities, with only an annual membership and cottage charge of about $2500.

As we say, Cedar Lake Club is Cental New York's best kept secret.

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