Cedar Hills Golf Club

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Cedar Hills Golf Course has got to be in my top five golf courses that I've played in Utah. When you first arrive you're welcomed by a luxurious clubhouse that offers a great view of Pleasant Grove as well as parts of the golf course. With the golf course blending into the mountainside you are treated to a number of picturesque moments where you just want to pull out your phone and snap a couple of photos. Even from the get go as you tee up on hole number 1 you get a breathtaking view of the first five or six holes of the course as your initial shot is downhill approximately 200 feet. As you continue through the course you will find a number of sand traps, tall weeds, and rocky ravines that will threaten to swallow a number of golf balls. Overall the course is fairly forgiving but does challenge the beginning to intermediate golfer. I would recommend highly recommend this course to a visiting golfer, or to anybody looking for a new place to play.

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This is a great golf course! There is a LOT of trouble to get into (or avoid) and there are some astonishing views. The course is set at the base of the mountains and 3 of the holes on the back 9 have you traveling up the mountain.
The course is more visually intimidating than it is extremely difficult. Many of the fairways are wide-open, but there's enough hazardous area to make the weak-minded golfer quake in his boots on the tee box.
The only complaint I have about the course is that once you go out, you never see the clubhouse again, until you leave the 18th green. In other words, pack a lunch!
The place doesn't seem to get a lot of business and they offer some great deals!
All in all, Cedar Hills is well worth the price and the travel to get there.

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