Cedar Hill Country Club

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Had our wedding here over the summer. It was spectacular! The staff, presentation and food and drinks were all wonderful. Our guests raved about the signature drinks (several kinds of martinis), they were more than stuffed by the end of cocktail hour. Between the white castle sliders, cigar box skewers, airplane bottle shots and lobster mac and cheese; no one was disappointed! The main courses were delicious as was the dessert hour! The wait staff even passed around mini milkshakes, ice cream cones and dessert platters for those that didn't want to check out the dessert buffet. Everyone was very attentive and the club even recommended great vendors to us to use. We had use of the entire lower level and outdoor patio for cocktail hour and then our guests made their way upstairs for the reception. In addition to our wedding I have attended showers and communions at Cedar Hill. We have never been disappointed and they are always willing to work with you no matter the budget.

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It's certainly a pretty club--nicely decorated and scenic views.
The service is just attentive enough, though not spectacular.
The food is pretty lackluster.   Nothing stands out as spectacular. It's merely adequate.
I've been to several seminars, and while it may be a matter of you get what you pay for, the spread has been paltry and uninspired. Some crudités, some crackers a few spreads. Pretty skimpy.
The mains have always disappointed. It's sustenance, nothing more.

I'm hoping they're doing a better job for major catered affairs.  In the meantime, I'm hoping the powers that be who host our seminars either choose a new location or charge a few more dollars to see what this club truly has to offer.

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I haven't been to many country clubs, so it's hard to really compare this place to anywhere else.  

Have been to their lobster night many times.  Incredible.  All the food for this night is top rate and cooked to perfection.  They are happy to cater to any of your food needs, allergies, etc.

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