Cedar Glen Golf Course

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if you want to be harassed by the ranger on every hole. this is the place you. to add to insult the ranger parked his cart next to us when we finished and walked in to the clubhouse. worst place ever i would never go back again after this incident. spend your $$$ somewhere else. the ranger forgot to sign the scorecard.

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Pretty much a dump. The only time I ever go here is when I don't have a tee time or am golfing with someone who doesn't own a collared shirt. You can wear basically whatever you want there. I once got paired up with 2 degenerates who showed up in jean shorts and basketball jerseys. Which was no big deal because they took off the jerseys and played the last 6 holes shirtless.

The fairways are definitely wide open and forgiving to beginners you would normally lose a box of balls.

Don't go there after it rains. Not unless you have a pair of cleated fishing boots. At least 3 of the holes flood and you end up walking around with soaked socks.

But I must say, the worst part of this course is the tee boxes. The majority of them are atrocious. A couple of them are almost completely dirt.

I can't even say that it is worth going here because it's cheap. It is, but there are a lot nicer courses around with comparable pricing.

The only reason I gave it a 2nd star is because it is where I learned how to play and the fact that they turn a blind eye to bringing a small cooler with a few cold ones. Other than that. It is what it is...

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Where do I begin with this embarrassment of a golf course! This is 9 hole course in deplorable condition! Tee boxes are very worn and  have minimal grass. Putting greens need attention. The 6th hole putting green is in terrible condition and desperately needs repair. There were many bald spot on the putting green. Considering the price of $38 (weekday w/cart) this is no bargain of a golf course! Oh and by the way bring cash as its CASH ONLY no credit/debit!

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Place gets the job done if you're looking to tool around on the course.  This course has plenty of comical value...beginning with the fact that there's no course map on the scorecard.  Where the heck am I supposed to hit this thing?!? FORE!!!

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Cedar Glen is definitely a basic beginner's course. Most of the fairways are about a mile wide, the greens are as flat as can be, there's very little sand. Challenges are few and fare between at this course unless you're pretty bad (like me). However, Cedar Glen definitely serves its purpose as a great place to learn the game. They've definitely taken extra care of the greens this season; they're beautiful without a dead blade of grass on 'em, And I love that the water coolers are strategically placed to be in the shade for the whole day so the water stays nice and cold. Some of the tee boxes can get a little muddy, but that's not a big deal. Overall, the Glen is a great course to learn or teach the game.

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