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I played here last weekend and had a great time.  I almost didn't go here; I had this place bookmarked on Yelp from a while back and only last weekend felt adventurous enough to try someplace new.  But driving here, it's really sketchy.  The surrounding area is so economically depressed, it's scary.  I drove by two windowless places claiming they were "riverside" something-or-other, bars and pool halls I think.  But the river was a 10 foot wide trickle strewn with trash on either side.  Homes built in the 20s and 40s that were at some point the height of Americana - neighbors talking over white picket fences while kids rode bikes and jumped rope.  No more.  Houses that haven't been kept up in decades with crushed chain-link fences and nearly each one has some ugly mutt that looks like it's been cross-bred so many times it's less of a dog and more of a killing machine.
Wow!  So how was the golf, Steve?
Well, after driving through the demilatirized zone, I was impressed by how nice the club house was.  It's an impressive building, given the area.  I paid something like $38 or $35 to walk 18 here on a Saturday.  I got paired up with 3 guys within 1/2 an hour.  Nice guys too.
The course itself is surrounded by a black iron fence, generally with trash on the other side.  The course is in decent shape - even for winter.  Greens were totally fine - tee boxes were in good shape.  It's a wide open course, with some hills.  A few killer par 5s, more par 3s than most 18 hole courses, and some interesting hills and valleys that will throw you for a loop.  The guys I was with had been here before, and they gave me some tips on each hole.  Some holes slope to the left or right, so you don't always want to hit it dead-straight or you'll roll to one side.  I shot 100, which is typical.  At the turn, you drive/walk by the clubhouse again, so if you need to use the facilities or get a beer (Same thing?) it's convenient.  
I don't know if I'd play here again.  I would if someone asked me too but I don't think I'll go out of my way again.  I might play it once summer hits to see how it is on actual live grass (it's all brown now - played Jan 31).  But it's a good course - it's just sad that it's in this neighborhood I don't want to have to drive through again!

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The site of the 1927 PGA Championship. Little slice(see what I did there?) of history in this course and great views of downtown Dallas on the back 9. Played here on a Thursday afternoon and the course was in solid shape and there were very few people out there. Great distance course

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I play this as my home course because it is within a 10 minute drive from North Oak Cliff and if you play Monday thru Friday it feels like a private course! MUCH less crowded than Stevens Park!

This is the oldest course in Dallas and the recent upgrade is pretty nice. It is wide open and well manicured. The clubhouse is descent, but the food is average at best.

The only reason I give this 4 stars is due to it's location, but then again if it were located north of I-30 - it would be crowded and not nearly the bargain it is!

The driving range is nice, good short game area and nice practice greens. Their large bucket is $8. Not a bargain, but not too bad.

Staff is friendly and the crowd pleasant. I've never experienced a problem except on weekends when play can slow on Saturdays.

Mon-Thursday this is a great course to walk!

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A Saturday in February with temps in the mid-30's and the wind blowing 25 MPH made for an interesting round on a course that I haven't played in almost 15 years. In the time since I last played it, the course has underwent an upgrade and the clubhouse as well. $40 for a weekend 0900 golf tee time. The course is short - less than 6200 from the tips but the value is in shot placement on this course as the hills and valleys will drive errant shots to places that are not much fun to get out of. All of the par 5's are reachable for a mid-handicapper or better. The par 3's play longer than the card - I would say that this is so because of the lack of trees and other around them making them extremely susceptible to the wind. The greens are tiny so it would be important to have a nice wedge game. For winter play they were about average - quick but not overly so, bumpy, and covered in the typical dot pattern left by clueless golfers who refuse to fix ball marks - lazy and inconsiderate. The general area surrounding the course could be nicer but I didn't hear gunshots or see anyone that could be considered dangerous - I wouldn't be too worried about having an issue while playing. So, finally, I would say that I like this course as it challenges all phases of the game not from a power perspective but from the accuracy and game management portions of your game. If you've read my other reviews, you will understand that I don't give out stars indiscriminately and that I consider three stars to be a plus. This course is a solid 3 and may go higher if the conditions in the spring improve it.

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generally play at Tennison, but for a change of scenery my brother-in-law and I decided to play Cedar Crest today.   IT is a well designed course, though not very long.  I hit a 3 wood off most of the tees (playing from the golds, what would be blues elsewhere) and had no trouble shooting for the greens in regulation.  The holes are very unique and offer some challenges, though the course is very forgiving.  Water only comes into play on 4 or 5 holes and drives that wind up off the fairway are usually playable.  Though it was a brutally hot day, the course was in exceptional condition.   It's a great municipal course for a very reasonable price.

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