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My dad is a member here, so I get to enjoy the perks of the driving range as well as the dining here.

I like the driving range, but its not that big and can get kind of crowded.

I've dined at Castlewood for both their buffet and regular menu dinners. Both were okay. The waitress messed up my family's and my orders for steak (some had medium rare toothpicks on top, but ended up being overcooked and dry, and vice versa). Their food is okay too, I've had better American elsewhere.

I've had their buffet twice. The first time was alright..nothing memorable, but the second time the food seemed to taste a lot better. They have a pasta station and prime rib and all that.

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If you dream of having a large wedding reception at a beautiful venue like the Castlewood Country Club, then this review is for you. So essentially, this review is for people that can marry legally in California, enjoy gambling with 50 percent marriage failure odds, and dream of having an elaborate, expensive, and extremely overpriced wedding reception with approximately 250 guests. Essentially, this review is for straight women only.

When my cousin Claudia called me to personally invite me to her wedding in the fall of last year, I knew I had to go since my extended family rarely invites me to anything. Most of them haven't seen me since I was 17 or 18 years old when I was young, thin, suffering from occasional acne breakouts, and full of sarcastic remarks. These days, I am old, fat, still suffer from occasional acne blemishes, and I am still full sarcasm (or shit if you prefer). Some things change, but some things stay the same.

Anyway, after pleading with me to make an appearance at her wedding, I finally acquiesced and agreed that I would go. I came in a 3-piece suit, carrying a Hallmark card filled with a $100 gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond I purchased at Safeway in one hand, and an ultra fashionable hot date (La Novia) linked to my other hand. I was suited and booted and ready to endure hours of family hell. In the end, it wasn't so bad. I actually had sipping on Jack, dancing, and having my family tell countless embarrassing stories about me to La Novia, who was shocked to learn the actual extent of nerdy ways as a kid.

The CCC is not hard to find. It's only a mile or two up a hill in Pleasanton. There is adequate parking. The exterior is perfectly landscaped and interior is gorgeous. It's very "Mad Men" like. It was classic adorned and spacious. The food was good and the booze was delicious.

My uncle Al, Claudia's father and the guy who essentially paid for meal, looked stiff. He looked like someone who just put at least $10,000 on that "tails" would come up on a coin flip.  Sure, you have a 50-percent chance of getting something back on your investment, but there is also the 50-percent chance you're throwing your money down the toilet. And if that's what you want do for your wedding, I'd definitely recommend the CCC to straight women everywhere.

With all of that said, the number cruncher in me wants California to do something about Proposition 8. Gays should totally have the right to get married, gamble with 50/50 odds their money on a large wedding reception, and potentially use more of their money to pay for family law attorneys. This would totally help businesses such as event planners, reception halls, caterers, jewelry stores, and family law legal offices. This would totally boost the economy. Right?

Politics aside, the Castlewood Country Club rocks if you are a guest and don't have to pay to be there. Well, except with maybe a $100 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card. Enjoy it with your hubby, my crazy cousin.

Congratulations Claudia!

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I was fortunate enough to play a round of golf at the Castlewood Country Club Hills course.  As the more challenging of the two courses at Castlewood, it is set in the hills of Plesanton and is quite contoured.  

The Hills course had all the usual qualities of a fine country club: striped fairways, mid-length rough, beautiful white sandy bunkers & fast flawless greens.  Fairways ranged from wide open to relatively tight.  The front nine had a few blind tee shots and trees come into play on almost every hole.  There was only one water hazard I recall.  

You could break the course into uphill & downhill holes.  The uphill holes include #1, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15 & 16.  Approach shots are crucial here, for all the greens are pretty small.  Mostly well bunkered, but one of our group & myself managed not to hit one bunker.  Short game is very important considering the length of the rough and speed of the greens.  If you don't have much green to work with, you have to just flop it and pray.

For the downhill, there are a few dramatic drop par 3 & 4's.  #6 is a downhill par 3 that can be played with a wedge.  #7 (a par 4) plays 456 from the whites, but I was on the green in 2 with a 3 wood/9iron = super downhill fun!  Too bad I 3 putted because of the devilish greens!  very slick and always with breaks.  #17 is another 200 yard par 3 that can be hit with your 150 yard club.  #18, the final dip in the rollercoaster, is a very satisfying finishing hole.  

Overall the course was beautiful & challenging but not a monster.  If you can hit fairly open fairways & make it stick on the greens, than you can rock this place.  Otherwise, like me, you'll hit an extra putt or 2 to finish off.  

Play it if you get the chance!

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This place is beautiful!! I was here for a charity event, City of Hope fundraiser and it was held in the Clubhouse at the Castlewood County Club. I sooo wanted to take pictures for the review but my GF was so embarrassed and said, "Dude, I can't take you anywhere without you taking pictures of everything! Put it down, this is a classy place!" LOL, she wins. (Man, I should have sneaked out and took pictures anyways!)
The golf course was so beautiful! I felt like I was looking at a postcard or something---Lush landscaping, manicured trees, grass is perfectly cut, picture perfect palm trees, Olympic-Size pool, huge tennis courts, and more...Truly an opulent lifestyle! I could also picture this Country Club as a great wedding venue. If my wedding was held in the East Bay, I would consider this place.
Even though I'm a novice in golf, I would love to play at this course. I am impressed with the outdoor setting. I truly can't wait to go back and practice golf here!
PS: The road to this place is really narrow and windy and there's barely lighting at night, so be careful especially if you've been drinking--definitely a bad combination. I highly encourage a DD if you're planning on drinking all day when you play golf or go to an event with loads of free alcohol!

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To make sure that the information is correct-when you are a member of Castlewood you pay a monthly fee but you do not pay extra to golf, swim or play tennis.  My entire family can play golf etc every day as many times a day as we want with no extra fee.  Jon W glad you enjoyed Castlewood its a great place.

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