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we went to a wedding here and thought the place was lovely. so we contacted them inquiring wedding packages. from when our friend had their wedding till now, the rental fee went from $2,500 to $3,500 and they now have a mandatory coordinator fee of $1,000, so altogether the price increased by $2,000. Which is pretty ridiculous. Furthermore, they weren't flexible at all. Most places will try to accommodate and meet somewhere in the middle but it doesn't seem like castlewood want the business. unfortunately the old event manager is no longer there. my friends who got married had the old event manager and they adore her. another friend who worked with the new event manager also confirmed she is not as nice either. lets just say we wont be referring anymore friends here.

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We had our wedding reception here in February 2014 and it was PERFECT. We lucked out with gorgeous 70 degree weather in February (to think, when we were planning our wedding... I was totally planning for it to be storming).

The venue is BEAUTIFUL. We got so many compliments on how beautiful it is (as if we had a something to do with that). I love the lay out - especially how there is a separate bar/lounge room for the cocktail hour. The patio was also available to us and since the weather was so nice, they set it up and put the heaters out there.

Jessica, the coordinator, was amazing! We did have a hiccup midway through the process. The original coordinator, Karen, unexpectedly left. I was sending her emails about our menu and then one day, I get a reply saying she no longer works there. Needless to say, I freaked out... But in came Jessica and she calmed all of my concerns and worries.

She was patient with me as I changed my mind about EVERYTHING... only to come back to my original plan. She is quick to reply to emails/calls, which any bride knows is an IMPORTANT thing to have in a venue coordinator. I nearly cried when she said that she wouldn't be there on my actual wedding day... but then she brought in a day of coordinator to take her place. Phew!

Everything was so smooth and perfect.

Thank you Jessica and Castlewood! Our day wouldn't have been the same without you!

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We had our wedding at Castlewood Country Club and everything was amazing. This venue was perfect for a large group. Everything about it was great including the beauty of it, size and the overall ambiance of the place. The oak tree amazed a lot of our guests, the bar and patio was roomie for all 220+ of our guests and the ball room is amazing, large with pretty chandeliers and high ceilings.
Our guests loved the food and china set and the linens provided by the country club.
Lastly, Jessica, the event coordinator for Castlewood was AMAZING. She's a hard worker that seeks to please you and makes sure your day goes exactly how you want it. She responds to all your questions promptly and does her best to work around your schedule for important meetings, food tastings, etc. She was there throughout the entire planning process and was there the entire day to assist our day of coordinator. She made our experience and special day that much better! We highly recommend Castlewood Country Club especially if you're having a hard time finding a venue that accommodates large groups. A much deserved 5 stars!

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I had my wedding here and it was the best ever!! Even though, it rained and had to resort to plan B / indoors ceremony, it was still very elegant, charming and lovely! Thanks to Jessica, Country Club's Coordinator who provided superb customer service and to our guests. Even though things became stressful at times, she was always there from beginning to end w/ a warm smile. I thank her and her wonderful staff, for making my wedding a dream come true, more than what I expected. And the food was delicious. Thanks again Jessica!!!

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I had my wedding and reception here and everything was beautiful and amazing!  Karen was an absolute blessing during the planning process. She was there for every crazy question I had for her. The food was great and all the staff that made the day so magical for my husband and I. If I could do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing cause it was perfect!

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