Cascades Golf Course

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My review of Cascades Golf course gave them 4 stars last year, but I have to reduce that rating by  quite a bit this year in 2012.  Sure, we have had drought conditions here in the Midwest this summer like never least for many years.  However, the problem is that Cascades essentially stopped watering the fairways and only watered the tee boxes and putting greens.  As a result, the fairways are in absolutely terrible condition.  In many places there is no longer any grass and you are playing golf on dirt.  It will take years to recover from these conditions.   I have played two other course within 45 miles of Cascades and they have not let their fairways be destroyed by the drought nearly to the extent Cascades has.  The Phil Harris course in Linton, IN is in great shape...they were watering every day of the three days I was there.  Valle Vista in Greenwood, IN is also in great shape.  There were not watering when I was there, but the fairways were still lush and green...and both of these courses are located in areas that are just as drought stricken as Bloomington and they both cost about the same (or less) to play, so I don't find any reason why Cascades wouldn't or couldn't keep the fairways at least up to an acceptable level.

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Cascades Ridge Course

This is the new nine and is a really nice layout for a municipal course. This nine is soooo much different than the other two nines at Cascades. This week was my second visit...and I was sorry to see the condition of this nine has deteroriated since my last visit 20 months ago.

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