Carmel Country Club

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I went for an event, I'm not a member.

It is beautiful, though.  Nice views from the clubhouse.  Beautiful porch and patio areas to dine.  Golf course looks fabulous.  I've played tennis there and they have really nice courts. comparison there to judge by, so it was ok, but probably could have been better based on how much I eat out.  If I were a member I'd expect a lot for what I would be paying as a member.

Service personnel are really nice.  Ballroom? Dining area...needs some refurbishing.  Kind of dated.

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So, you're considering joining a country club? Thank the Lord above you've been so blessed.  You have been given the gift of belonging to one of the BEST golf & tennis clubs in North Carolina.  

Realize this. . .it's going to cost you money.  You have rich people problems.  SO, when considering facilities, services and fun, Carmel is a  FABO place.  

Super friendly staff, excellent facilities and the food is TOP NOTCH.  You'd be hard-pressed to find a more fine Club in SouthEast Charlotte and maybe perhaps North Carolina.  


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