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This course is really just ok.  They are in desperate need of running some specials on or other similar sites.  It's really not worth the $60/round price they charge.

The greens are generally kept in average to good condition but the fairways are rough.  They are filled with divots which is technically the fault of the golfers as well as the course.

I would rather play Willow Park or Lake Chabot and save $15-$20 even though I live less than 5 minutes away from Canyon Lakes.

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I live close-by and played here about two weeks ago. I originally thought it was a members-only course, since it's located near Canyon Lakes gated living. Overall I was pretty satisfied with the course - it was well maintained, despite other reviews (and California's drought), and it played well for novice player.

Our group of 4 was just a few minutes late for our tee time, so we got bumped back about 20 minutes, but wasn't a big deal. My only complaint was we got pushed forward at the turn by the pro shop. We were maybe 15-20 minutes longer than normal play for 9 holes and had stopped into the lounge to purchase food and drinks for the back 9. There was no one inside to take orders - instead our group was met by 2 gentlemen (one after the other) from the pro shop to get back in our carts and continue play.

Our group did not hold anyone up, yes we let a group play through, but who turns down additional business during play?

Also, no driving range. Just a mat on concrete with beat up nets..

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I do not know how this place stays in business with the attitude and lack of customer service starting with the manager down to the snack bar clerk.  Long story short, I went to grab a hot dog and beer before starting the back 9 and after waiting 5 minutes for the attendant to finish watching T.V. in the adjacent room he charged me $90 on my debit card for a hot dog and beer.  As I was walking away he told me that he may have charged me $90 instead of $9.  He had an attitude that was completely dismissive and he made it very apparent that he could care less that I was going to have to deal with this when I received my statement.  Sure enough my debit card was charged $90 plus the $9.  I called the golf course to resolve this issue and have the $90 credited back to my account. I asked to speak with the manager and explained the mistake and to address how rude his colleague was.  To my surprise, the manager was the rudest of all.  I explained to him that this was very time consuming and asked for a refund back on my meal and to credit the $90 back to my debit card.  He addressed me as "guy" and was very belittling and rude.  He made it very apparent that he does not care about my business and was very hostile and begrudging.  If this golf course wants to continue to lose customers such as myself they will continue with the status quo but as a business person myself I would eliminate the "bad apples" starting with the manager down.  After looking at the other comments on Yelp I am not the only one that feels this way.  He made a statement, I am trying to run a business here, guy.  If you are trying to run a business you are doing a very, very poor job at it!!

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I came here real excited to play a round after seeing the choices of courses in the City and I came away pleased.

I didn't deal too much with the apparent rude staff that most others had, so we didn't run into any problems there. It was a $60 round for a Saturday morning, which I guess is normal for California at a nice course.

The fairways were in excellent condition. The greens were real clean and overall, I was very happy with how the course played. It was challenging in some areas, but not too much for beginners. The hills were definitely kind to golfers as they seemed to flow back into the fairway.

My only gripe might be the lack of a driving range. The only practice area is in front with three mats and you're hitting into a net. It's not too big of a deal, but a range would be nice.

I would definitely play here again if given the opportunity.

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The course itself is both in pretty bad shape and it's a little goofy to begin with. It's a fairly decent deal ($50) given how affluent the surrounding community is.  I will caution that there is one guy in the pro shop who is super nice and another one who makes it his life calling to destroy business at the club.  Good luck with that.  

The course obviously used to be a country club where they built the houses and then tried to figure out where to jam in the golf course.  (similar to The Ranch at Silver Creek, the worst golf course in the Bay Area).  This results in weird holes like #9 where the entire hole is jammed in between Bollinger Canyon road, a bunch of townhouses and an unbuildable hillside.  There are a few holes on the Back 9 that are actually fairly nice, but the Front 9 is nothing short of depressing.

The girl working the bar was super nice for what it's worth.  

I think I would tell anyone to play it once just for the sake of seeing it.  You'll probably never come back again unfortunately.

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