Canterwood Golf & Country Club

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Must say, this is one beautiful golf course! All the holes here are great, and the driving range is top notch.
The customer service here is also very good, so look forward to coming back here!

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My son recently got married there so my review is for the Canterwood Golf and Country Club as a wedding venue.

Weeks before, we went to a recommended outside vendor, Beta Mansions, I think..... and selected table cloths, napkins, place settings etc., that was a wonderful experience!  The girl that helped us was great - quick, easy and one stop shopping.

The dining room looked beautiful......

Now, the issues......the country club bar doesn't take cash.  If you know you're hosting a wedding - set up a till, already.  People are trying to give you money, you should figure out how to take it.  Also, bar staff was less than accommodating to two bridesmaids who sat at the bar with credit cards in hand, they were not served and finally ran out of time.

Wedding was in a tent adjoining dining room - at this point, wedding planner was nowhere to be seen.....and she should have been there - the tent was like a sauna and the groomsmen had to go around and roll up the sides.  I feel like this should have been assessed and dealt with prior to any of the guests being sat, and sweating!  I'm certain this is not the first time this situation has had to be dealt with in the history of hosting weddings there.

The ball really got dropped at dinner......where was dinner?  There were only 100 guests - easy for 4 servers to handle......somewhere, something was amiss.....I am wondering if the servers were also plating the food?  The lag time between courses was waaaay too long.  Again, feel like the wedding planner should have been there steering the ship and getting the show on the road!!

The dinner stretched out for way to long and the momentum of the evening was compromised......we were certainly not going to let this spoil the special day, but, this never should have happened.  

If you're going have a wedding there, I would make sure the wedding planner or coordinator is there until dancing starts.  Someone needs to be at the helm.

Also, brides, be advised, the getting ready area is a fluorescent lit exercise room, accessible to club members.....

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Awesome food & service!! Damian and Tiffany always provide world class service. I just wish they were open on Monday for Monday Night Football!

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After the club hosted an event for Soldiers wounded in combat We received a card to allow us to be members for a day and to bring 3 guest for a golfing 4 some. The course is amazing and very challenging I give the course 5 stars easily. The issue was with the staff. After we played 9 we decide to get the full experience and stop at the club house for a quick lunch. Upon walking in from the pouring down rain the bartender Becky snapped at us like we were children to remove our hats " Take your hats off" were her exact words. We are all military and are very aware of wearing head gear inside a building she snapped at us before the door was even closed behind us. And we were trying to take our jackets off. We took seats at

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The 2nd to last Friday of every month they hold the prime rib dinner.  Our prime ribs were cooked perfectly!  The potatoes were delicious and portion was perfect.  I'm very pleased with the food and look forward to trying out other items!  Although this is a private club, it's worth checking out their membership rates.  They have a variety of different packages.  You don't necessarily need to golf!

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