Canongate Golf Club Palmetto

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Had lunch today with a friend at the restaurant at Canongate Golf Club, at the corner of Palmetto-Tyrone Rd. and Shaw Rd.  This is a private golf club, I really am not sure if you must be a member of the golf club to eat at the restaurant, but they asked for his membership number, so I think you do.  It's a nice 19th hole restaurant/bar with a full lunch/dinner menu, has 2 TV's and seats maybe 100 people.  I had the grilled chicken salad, which had fresh lettuce, and the grilled chicken was chunky, but was not spiced in any way, which I think I would have liked.  The service there was great.  Price was reasonable, $8.50 for grilled chicken salad.  I'd go again if I get invited!

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