Candler Park Golf Course

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Color me impressed. I just moved here from the drought-stricken confines of Austin, where I happily sauntered on to my neighborhood 9-hole after work for a couple of semi-rocky pins most afternoons before sunset. I miss it, but Candler Park makes up for the nostalgia. This one tries you at the final third, which is how an executive pasture course probably should pull one off.

Most noticeable item: you are walking, and the back 3 are ALL up and downhill. Hope you don't have a pacemaker installed.  Sure, you can use a pushcart but I didn't see any of those out today.

The layout is fine, the holes are pretty short overall (all par 3 or 4, max is 345), and the landscaping is more than adequate. Fairways are pretty generous for such a compact course, essentially carved out of a billionaire's backyard - for me to hit 9 of 9, well, that's not saying a lot in this case.

The city needs a reason to keep this one open - come out and show some support. Under $10 including tax on a weekday for 9 holes? Get over here, stat.

If anybody has a house for sale along Clifton Terrace Ave, let me know...

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This gets five stars based on it possibly being the cheapest golf course in the US.  I made that up, but $11 is ridiculous!!  It is an easy course with very little water, sand traps, or any other challenges.  Sure it's not the most exciting course, but is historical, super cheap, and fun.

It is walking only, which I like as well.  I feel like I have to get a cart when they are available to keep the pace up, so it's great to have everyone forced to walk.  It has a few hills and amounts to a light to moderate workout as you finish walking up the ninth fairway.

If you are a fancy golfer who likes caddies, very challenging courses, or paying major cash, this probably isn't for you.

Candler Park Golf Course is rock solid.  The haters need to hit the road.

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I think this is a very well kept pitch n' putt and the only knock I'd have on it is that the greens are maybe a little too long because you really have to put some weight into your putt sometimes.  Beyond that, the course is in very good shape, it's extremely affordable and it's easy to get to if you live in the city.  It's a walking course only so you WON'T see the guys who think that a round of golf should take all day long.  It's a good course for the hard core golfer to go out, not be bothered too much, and work on their irons.  Like I said, don't base your putting on how these greens role, but you are going to be challenged hitting smaller greens and dealing with constant elevation changes.  Also, there are several par 3s that don't give you a whole lot of area to miss your hit at so be careful or you might lose a ball or two.  Some of the better greens in the city out of the municipal courses, that's for sure.

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$9/9 hole/par 31 city walking course...well maintained, a no brainer, great staff...get right on...regulars are great.

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The people here are doing great things to upkeep this course. The grounds are lush and the scenery is beautiful. Holes 6-8 make you forget you are in the middle of the city. AND it's cheap, yo. Talk about accessibility for all- even for broke grad students. My BF bought an annual, all you can play membership for under $400. We call it our country club. we so classy.

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