Callawassie Island Golf Course

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There is a reason Callawassie Island is selected routinely as one of the best wedding destinations, and that is because it is beautiful. The Island puts as much effort into keeping itself beautiful as it does marketing itself, which is rare in the area. Locals know it not only for being a nature preserve, but also for having one of the best golf courses in the region.

If you have not been here, you should run and not walk. Numerous people that I know have decided to go out to just take pictures, or go birding. Others go for the golf. Whatever your interests, it certainly is worth the visit because it is so close to Bluffton in the general Okatie area.

Besides the golf course, you should also keep in mind that Callawassie has a kayak dock, and is one of the most gorgeous places to leave from to see the local wildlife. I cannot say enough great things about this hidden gem.

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