Buck Run Golf Course

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I have golfed here many times. I enjoy the course, it is laid out very nicely and they keep their greens beautiful and grass always cut. The carts are in good condition and i have never had a problem where there were not enough carts. There is a store across the street for beverages and snacks which makes it very convenient. The restrooms are clean although sometimes the men go into the woman's restroom.  ( they are single toilet bathrooms). Those are my pros, my cons are sometimes there is never any water in the ball cleaner and there is only like one cleaner. There are no porta potties anywhere so it happens often that when you shank your ball into the pine trees and go to look for it you will most likely run into someone taking a leak.  Over all its a great course that is taken care of and it provides a good amount of privacy when your golfing.

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