Brookview Golf Course

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This course is really a nice place to play. The greens are really well taken care of and if you're looking to walk the relatively flat layout makes for a great day. I have found my nemesis in hole 6 not sure why but it continues to give me fits. More of a placement course than one for bombing it but you'll have plenty of times to grip it and rip it.

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This review is for the driving range....

I've played the course a few times (I may have accidentally launched one into the KARE11 parking lot, sorry Diana Pierce!) but I have recently started using their range as it is close to my house and easy to get to.  Large buckets are $7 (not sure what others are); if you get there early in the morning, bring some cash as the shack isn't staffed and you'll need $5 for the automatic bucket thingy.  Also, irons only is the rule! Although I have seen some people hitting fairway woods which is kinda dumb since THERE IS A HIGHWAY next to the range (regardless of the netting, you could see it happen, right?)  While it's irons only, I always find their turf in good shape and I have a no problem hitting a bucket off a nice, grassy surface rather than a clump of dirt like other places.

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