Brookhaven Country Club

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I played in a tennis tournament here and it was a nice facility. Nestled in the middle of an old Dallas neighborhood, this place has that homey feeling that is hard to replicate in some of the newer clubs. There are a ton of courts outdoors and 8 indoors. The locations are on both side of the street that runs through the property.

The pro shop is older and small, and is on the west side of the street. The side on the east of the street is where I spent most of my time. There is a good viewing area for the indoor courts, but for some of the outdoor courts, you need to be courtside in order to see anything. The staff was great and they were very welcoming to their guests. Parking is easy and I would love to come back sometime.

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The special thing about here is that they have indoor courts. I recently wanted to expand my horizons on places to take drills and get a good workout.   I want to share my experience with their tennis pros...  I've tried a couple of different Drills there. The first one was with Trevis and the second was with Mercedes.  Both had fun players attending who were skilled in tennis.  Trevis was polite and friendly.   However,  Mercedes was rude and ignorant, obviously favoring members of the club. (Even although their Drills ARE open to the public!). I went to the 4.0/4.5 Drill on a Saturday (I'm rated 4.0) and it was obvious she was a Diva right from the start. She changes the games during drills, which is great, but I had trouble hearing her because the men in the group had some friendly banter going on between them and, when I said I didn't hear the instructions, she retorted, "WHO is RUNNING this drill anyway!?"  Like a naughty school child, I had to be spoken to like I was 5 yrs old. It was very embarrassing to be shouted at, "If you hadn't been talking, you might have heard. In future, listen."  I also heard her tell another female not to come back because she was too low of a level but the WAY she did it was awful.  Well, Mercedes, it might be a good idea to remember that tennis patrons are the customers who pay your wages.  Civility and a little nicety costs nothing. However, your rudeness will cost you in the long run. I cannot imagine why this club employs her.

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Great place, beautiful grounds and pleasant staff. The food is great, the catering is standard but good. I appreciate all the non club events over the years we were able to attend and all my friends who are members that invite me for club events.

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This is the kind of course where you have to know where your golf ball is going. Because if you don't, you'll be re-hitting a lot of shots because out of bounds is everywhere. Yes, the Masters Course is tight, the houses can definitely come into play, and course management is a must. Translation: You can't hit driver off every par 4 and 5. With that said, though, the course is imaginative, anything but boring and you need to play it more than once to get it.

He would play this course again.

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Perhaps the best tennis facility in the country. They have outdoor courts, indoor courts, indoor climate controlled courts, and clay courts. Part of the Club Corp system.

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